Thursday, October 8, 2009


So, the last time I posted, it was 2 days before our move to Bowling Green. I was posting Mason's 12-month pics and asking y'all to help me choose which ones to order. Well, since that post a LOT has changed! First of all, my sweet little baby is no longer a little baby. He is an energetic, babbling-away, runnin' through the house, eatin' us out of house 'n home, almost SEVENTEEN month-old!! We cannot believe it. Here we are with a TODDLER!! Since our move, Mason has just turned into this big boy all of a sudden and Marc and I are realizing this more and more. The more mature our little boy becomes, the more & more we find ourselves reverting back to his newborn days! We have been rocking him more and more, singing sweet little songs, and giving him a million and one hugs & kisses. We're just not ready for him to NOT be a baby yet! Here are just a few more things that have happened since July 20th:

July 22 - move to Bowling Green
July 25 - return to Nashville to pack up my parents, move them out of their home in Franklin into our townhome in Brentwood
July 25 - yes, in the midst of unloading my parents' furniture into our living room, Mason takes his first steps!
July 26 - visit Greenwood Park Church of Christ for the 1st time
July 26 - 29 - VBS at Greenwood Park
July 28 - Mason's first haircut at Snip Its in Franklin, TN
July 31 - sign up for gym membership at Total Fitness
July 31 - 1st time to go to a BG Concert in the Square w/ Keith & Sara Mangold
August 1 - Mason officially walks across our new living room (14 1/2 months old)
August 2 - visit Community Church & attend their Family Day for the 1st time
August 2 - first small group meeting w/ Greenwood Park (at the home of Larsen & Ruth Hudson)
August 3 -Marc's 1st day of work as an attending ophthalmologist!
August 6 - Andrea & Luke visit us for the first time in BG (lunch at Mariah's - yum!)
August 6 - Dinner at Dot & Alton Brummitt's home with the Kimbel crew
August 7 - Seth, Carrie, & Colt visit from Memphis (Keriakas Park, Mancino's, Concert in the Square, Buckhead's, etc.)
August 8 - Dinner with the Brednichs (missionary family) in Louisville
August 12 - Mason's 15-month check-up with our pediatrician's office in Brentwood
August 15 - Johnathan & Brooke visit us for 1st time in BG - eat at yummy "You & Me"!
August 17 - first official play date with our new BG friends at the Dog Park
August 21 - 23 - back to Nashville to do a yard sale w/ my parents
August 21 - celebrate Josh Owens' b-day at Monell's downtown Nashville w/ BG friends
August 22 - brush Mason's teeth for the first time
August 23 - celebrate Connie & Bonnie's (Marc's mom & her twin) b-day at Marc's cousins' home in Slaughters, KY
August 27 - first Hot Rods baseball game w/ Marc work
August 28 - meet Erica & Jason halfway in Franklin, KY at the Concert on the Square
August 29 - volunteer at Save the Kids Karnival at Greenwood Park
August 29 - first BG Picnic Pops w/ Marc's work
August 30 & 31 - Mason & I head up to Louisville for Audrey Robinson's 1st b-day and to hang out w/ Danyelle
Sept. 4 - my parents come spend the weekend to help unpack/organize our house; 1st visit to the Greenwood Mall
Sept. 7 - almost Marc's entire family come & spend the day with us on Labor Day - free eye exams for all! :)
Sept. 10 - dinner at Matt & Tiffany Deaton's home
Sept. 11 - Chaney's Barn playdate w/ Andrea, Sarah, Carrie, & our kiddos
Sept. 11 - Balloon carnival thing at the BG Airport with Seth, Carrie, Colt, Vivian, & Bobby
Sept. 12 - Marc, Mason, Connie & I go to Morganfield for Audrey Burgess' 1st b-day
Sept. 17 - Mason, my mom, and I go to Sparta, TN to visit my MaMaw Thomas in the nursing home
Sept. 18 - Myers family dinner to celebrate my mom's b-day at Famous Dave's in Smyrna, TN
Sept. 21 - Danyelle & Audrey visit from Louisville
Sept. 26 - Oct. 3 - Annual Family Beach Trip to Gulf Shores, Alabama (w/ my parents & marc's parents)
Sept. 26 - Mason's 1st trip to the Emergency Room in Alabaster, AL
Sept. 26 - Mason's 2nd trip to the Emergency Room in Prattville, AL
Sept. 27 - Mason's 3rd trip ..... in Foley, AL
Oct. 8 - 12:30 am - FINALLY sit down to update my blog after a way-too-long hiatus!!

So, there it is! Our last 2 1/2 months in a nutshell! Let me know if I forgot anything! :) Hopefully I can get back into my routine and update this thang often. Things have settled down a little (well, as much as they can for a home where a 17-month old resides!) so I'm finally sitting down to catch my breath. Sorry to leave you all hangin'! I love you all!

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Kristin said...

You have been so busy! How do you do it? I'm so glad Mason is well again. I can't imagine how you must have felt when he was sick

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