Monday, October 12, 2009

Please pray for these special people!

My family is in the midst of a heartbreaking week. Last night, my Uncle Everett passed away. He was the husband to my mom's older sister, my Aunt Bea. He has always been like a 2nd dad to my mom and her siblings since their dad died when my mom was 12. Aunt Bea & Uncle Everett were a lot older, so they took such wonderful care of my mom through her teen years. The funeral will be this weekend in North Carolina. Mason and I will be traveling there with my parents and the rest of our family.

Tonight my mom called to tell me that my grandmother (MaMaw Thomas) may not make it through the night. She is 95 and has been in several different nursing homes since the summer of 1998. She is such a strong woman of amazing faith and has some stories to tell. She has always been my inspiration, as well as inspiration to everyone she has come in contact with. I am now sitting on my parents' couch at 11:45 pm. Mason and I drove here tonight from BG and arrived around 10:15 pm. We are now waiting for my mom to finish packing and then we're heading to Sparta, TN. This is where Uncle Everett & Aunt Bea have lived for many years and where MaMaw is in the nursing home. So, we are heading to this town, along with several other family members, to face all of this.
Mason meeting his Great-Uncle Everett in July '08 when he was just 2 1/2 months old. This was the same day that he met MaMaw Thomas.

Mason being loved on by his Great-Aunt Bea
Mason & Uncle Everett in Sept. '08 at 4 months old

Mason meeting his Great-MaMaw Thomas for the first time (2 months old)

Mason visiting his Great-MaMaw again at 4 months old

SO thankful that Uncle Everett has finally found some comfort and is pain-free in the arms of God! My prayer now is that my MaMaw will also find this comfort and will be whole again. My whole family truly appreciates your prayers during this time! I know God is with us! Love you all.


Melissa said...

These are such bitter-sweet moments. Praying for your family and MaMaw to find peace. Love ya!

Blessed said...

Praying for you all!

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