Sunday, November 29, 2009

In Loving Memory of Misty George

Heaven gained a beautiful friend, daughter, wife, & mother on Friday afternoon. So many hearts are breaking right now at this horrible, horrible tragedy. Somehow, God is working through all of this and maybe someday we will all understand why this happened. Marc & I were friends with Misty & her husband, Jeremy, from Sunday School at our church in Nashville. They have 3 beautiful children, and the youngest is a little friend of Mason's, just a few weeks older than my sweet boy. Misty & I helped support each other through something we experienced a couple of years ago, and the bond we developed so quickly is indescribable. We met for lunches & dinners to confide in each other things that noone else would understand. God laid it on my heart to start a miscarriage support group at Harpeth Hills, and she was the first person I shared my idea for this "ministry" with. She encouraged me all the way and said she would stand by me. She had a quiet sweetness about her that you don't find in too many.

It is a blessing that Misty is from a huge, wonderful, loving family who will help hold one another up, but they will still need so many prayers from their Christian brothers & sisters these next few days, weeks, months & years. I just could not imagine what they are going through and I specifically pray today for her husband, Jeremy, and their 3 children. I will leave you with my favorite verse that has gotten me through some of the toughest times I could ever imagine, before I share some special pictures from memories I have of Misty:

For I reckon that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us.

Romans 8:18

Some of us girls from church got together last July 2008 and went to Super Suppers in Franklin to prepare some yummy meals for our families.

Back row: Sara W., Tara P., Andrea B., Marie C., Sarah... with Misty & me posing in the front

Mason & Ella (Misty's oldest) at Mason's very first playdate July 2008... Misty invited us all over to go swimming at her parents' beautiful home. Mason had the most fun just hangin' out inside the house where it was cool and had plenty of entertainment by sweet Ella!
Mason chillin' with his buddy Griffin; Misty's youngest child
Enjoying the free preview week at Music Playhouse; June 2009... we were so excited to run into lots of friends from church! Ella gave Mason the biggest grin the second she saw him. I know she is such a blessing to everyone around her!
Ella was taking such good care of Baby Claire while Mason could not keep his eyes off of either girl!

Misty was a team leader for a group of kids at VBS back in June. Here her group was leaving the Inner-City Ministry/international missions center that Marc and I helped lead. I captured this right when she was waving to me! :)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Gobble Gobble Day from our little stinker!

So thankful for these two sweet little turkeys who will be best friends always, just like their mommies!

Happy Thanksgiving, Y'all!
Hope you have a wonderful, blessed day with your families & friends! Marc and I are so thankful for our wonderful family and can't wait to spend the next few days with them!

Saturday, November 21, 2009

We SO miss Story Hour at the Nashville Downtown Library!!

We were in Nashville last week for a consignment sale & Mason's 18-month check-up, and we happened to be there on a Wednesday so we were so excited that we could go to story hour! It was our little tradition earlier in the summer before we moved to go to story hour with Andrea & Baby Luke; Angela & Baby Cooke; Melissa & Bady Madison; and sometimes Jenny Beth & Baby Grant joined us! This visit was a little bit different though, and extra special! Mason was FINALLY big enough to go up to the stage to sit with the "big" kids when we sang "What a Wonderful World" at the end of story hour! Before, he would just sit in my lap and look on at those kids wondering what in the world they were doing up there, but now that he's walking and into all that stuff, I perched him right up on that stage and he actually stayed there! He looked the cutest. He had the privilege of sitting right next to "The Professor" so he got some extra attention! Mason just sat there and looked at the Professor, and then right into the eyes of the little girl next to him. Thank you. He was holding Luke's little play cell phone and kicking his little feet back and forth on the stage. I will never, ever forget it! It was definitely a reminder of the fact that my little boy is growing right up. I also couldn't believe how different Luke & Cooke act at story hour now that they're a few months older. They sit right up on their own and stare at everything going on, taking it all in. Cooke was even clapping his sweet little hands at the appropriate times! I wish we could go to story hour with our friends every Wednesday! BG girls, let's start taking a little trip down to Nashville on Wednesdays! ha ha! :)

"Come on Luke, man! It's okay, let's go hang out with Pete for a while! I'm sure your mom will let you. She's cool!" says Mason, while Luke's mommy is trying her best to grab a hold of her now-crawlin' little ball of energy! :)
Mason trying his best to get Pete to notice him. Pete is one of the characters who does story time sometimes. He is Marc's favorite!
Wait, how is Mason really that much bigger than the 2 other boys? It looks like a HUGE difference in this picture! In a couple of years, I'm sure there won't seem to be too much of a difference!
"It's A Wonderful World..."
Look at my sweet boy just sitting up there being so good! I think he was the most confused though.
Mason falling in love...
Getting special attention from the Professor
Kickin' his little feet back & forth against the stage... he is so proud of his new big boy Keds!
Mason running off from the little ones
Aww, Mason is all cuddled up against the Professor! But of course still looking at the little girl on the other side of him...
Look at those 3 boys paying the most attention to the story being read! Mason is trying his best to see over tall Cooke & his tall mommy! :)

Wait, where is Mason going?

Me, Angela, & Andrea with our sweet boys!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Boy & His Momma Hangin' Out in the Beautiful Tennessee Fall Weather!

Mason, Marc, and I were in Nashville this past weekend for lots of fun stuff... Vandy/UK game, Titans game, visiting our old church (Harpeth Hills), and a baby shower for our friends Caleb & Cherie at church. The weather was just gorgeous! After church on Sunday my mom & I took Mason outside to enjoy the pretty day and to capture some pictures. He loves running around playing in his church clothes! Doesn't he look the cutest in his little navy blue froggie smocked outfit??!! Of course it's from a consignment sale! :) And I LOVE his new little saddle oxford Angel shoes I got at the Once Around the Block sale last week! I was comparison shopping forever and they're sooo expensive, but I lucked out and found them at the sale for just $4!

Anyway, back to the pictures of my sweet little boy & me! :)

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