Monday, July 20, 2009

My Baby is Growing Up WAY too Fast!!!

I wanted to share some of Mason's 12-month pics with y'all. Check my Facebook page for lots more! I need to pick one for the panel that the photogher is putting together, so I need your help! I always have the hardest time picking just ONE!! Pattycake Press (my friend Melissa Toms) took these and I just love them! She really captured the true personality of my sweet Mason. The one above may just be the one I choose for the panel, but let me know if you agree! :) This next one is hilarious!! She must have caught him in between expressions, and this is what came out of it. It is sooooo cute, but doesn't look like any picture I've ever seen of him!

Last, but not least!! The amazingly perfect replica of Daddy is coming back out in this one! The second Mason was born everyone noticed he was the splitting image of his dad. Even the nurses were in shock about it. Around 7 or 8 months, Mason started looking more like my family, especially my dad and brother. Well, Melissa caught it again here! This expression is EXACTLY like one in a baby picture I've seen of Marc in his room at his parents' house. It is just crazy. Marc and I always laugh at the picture at how scared he looks, and Mason is doing the exact same thing here! I wish you all could see this picture of Marc. Oh, thank you Melissa for getting this perfect shot! :)


Blessed said...

I've seen the picture of Marc, and it does look JUST LIKE IT! Crazy! These pictures are all so good. How will you decide?

Kim said...

Can't believe he's so big-what a handsome boy!

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