Saturday, October 10, 2009

Our First Visit to Jackson's Orchard!

I have been hearing SO much about this fun place ever since we got to BG! Marc, Mason, and I FINALLY got to go today! We went with Carrie, Colt, and her parents; Bobby & Vivian. It was pretty cold, but at least it didn't rain! There was SO much to do! We started off our visit with getting some goodies; apples dipped in caramel & hot apple cider!! I LOVED that cider! Then we took a hayride where Mason picked out 2 cute little pumpkins in the pumpkin patch. Mason just took off barging through that pumpkin patch pointing at all the pumpkins rambling on and on about something. Then guess what Mason and Mommy got to do!?!?! They got to go down this HUGE slide together! Oh my, I was scared out of my mind! I think it was more scary than any roller coaster! Thank you. But also, the older I get the more scared I get of the silliest stuff. I screamed my head off all the way down that slide and everyone at the bottom was dying laughing at me; even people I didn't know. Mason was cracking up the entire time at his silly mommy.

Oooooh, the next thing was the petting zoo! I mean, my son is not scared of anything. He stuck those sweet little hands right through that fence and put his fingers in that donkey's mouth! Colt was a little more hesitant, but finally Mason talked him into it. Mason visited lots of cool animals; kitties, goats, kangaroos, lots of donkeys, llamas, and last but not least; the Ze Donk. Thank you. I have never seen anything like it. It was a mix between a male donkey and a female zebra. What in the world?!?! I have never heard of such. How in the world do you just get that mixture?!?! Anyway, it was very interesting.

And of course, we attempted to get THE super cute picture of Mason and Colt posing all perfectly in front of the perfect display of pumpkins. Once again; DIDN'T happen!! :) We did get lots of good pictures from our visit there, though. I know these boys are worn out!!! We ended our fun day with dinner at Federal Grove; about a 20 minute drive to Auburn, KY. It is this old colonial-style house that is a bed and breakfast and they've recently started serving lunch & dinner. Seth & Colt had their rehearsal dinner there 7 1/2 yrs ago, so that was the last time I'd been. Marc and I were dating then and it happened to be on my birthday. :) It is sooo yummy; like Monell's in Nashville. It's family-style so we got to pass the best home-cookin' ever round and round that table and the waitress kept bringing us more & more! Cream corn, mashed potatoes, green beans, broccoli salad, country ham, roast beef, fried chicken, cole slaw, corn bread, and bumbleberry pie w/ vanilla ice cream for dessert! Am I making you hungry yet?? :) That was my kind of place! Now we're home, Mason's asleep, thoroughly exhausted from his big day, and Marc and I are just relaxing. He's watching football and I'm bloggin' away! Aren't y'all so proud of how committed I've been the last few days? :) Anyway, here are pics from our day:

Mommy & Mason having a special moment

The boys discussing what to do with this pumpkin

OH wait, Mason has made the executive decision that it needs to be rolled away. He was working hard!
Look at my big boy playing in that little house with the big kids! He looks 4 years old here all with his little hoodie & blue jeans!

Whee!!!! Mason was having so much fun with his Daddy on the slide!

Mommy's turn!! The look on my face says it all...

Attempting to get a little pumpkin tattoo on Mason's face. Let's just say it didn't work out and we got our $2 refunded!

Daddy & Mason keeping each other warm on the hayride
Trying to get a good family picture... Mason had other plans! He wanted to get back to his pumpkin-pickin'!

I like this one!
Daddy, what do you think about this one?
Doin' the pumpkin dance... I don't know...
The 2 pumpkins we ended up going home with!

Carrie & Colt with Colt's "BeBob & Vivi" enjoying the hayride

Time to eat! This kid worked up the biggest appetite! I mean, we couldn't keep the food on his plate fast enough!

I've never seen Mason do this before, but he was making his little monkey "walk" across the table. He was playing like the biggest boy!

Chowin' down!

Thank you, Coulter family, for letting us crash your Jackson's Orchard outing today! :) Y'all are always introducing us to these new BG adventures! Who ever knew that there were so many fun things to do in this smaller town? We're loving it! Something about living here though is making Mason grow right up before our very eyes! It is making us sad, but yet we're so incredibly blessed that he is so healthy and growing into this smart, outgoing little boy.


andreabrosto said...

That looks like the most fun! So sad we couldn't go with ya'll!
But did you put jean over that smocked outfit??? That's hilarious!

andreabrosto said...

Oh, I forgot to mention that I LOVE the pumpkin dance mason is doing! That's the funniest thing I've ever seen!

Blessed said...

So fun!!! Glad you could come with us all day. I loved it all!

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