Friday, October 9, 2009

Fun with Carrie, Andrea, and our Sweet Boys!!

Well, thinks don't always go as expected, and that's perfectly okay! :) Carrie & Colt are in BG visiting her family, which is great for me cuz it means I get lots of time with them! And, Andrea & Luke came up to spend the day with us. The plan was to dress the boys in cute Halloween outfits (not actual costumes though!) and go to Jackson's Orchard. I've been dying to go to this fun pumpkin patch place and we were so looking forward to having the boys there all together and perching them up to take lots of pictures. Well, it ended up being a horribly rainy day so we just went to eat lunch at yummy Cambridge Market, one of our new BG favorites, and having a lazy, relaxing afternoon chillin' at my house. It's so funny to see how these 3 boys interact. Colt was born in 2007; Mason in 2008; and Luke in 2009. So they each represent a different stage! Andrea definitely gets a good idea of what she has to look forward to next year & the next! :) It's so hard to believe how fast our boys are growin'. Mason follows Colt around all over the house and thinks he's a big boy. They get in the biggest conversations. Mason was showing him all his big boy toys and they were having the most fun. Colt just goes marching through this house like he lives here. And everytime we would need to get Luke all situated with a paci or diaper or bottle or something, both big boys would come quickly running to see how they could help. It was so sweet. We didn't get the fun pumpkin pictures that we wanted, but instead we got these boys in their natural environment just bein' boys! We always try the hardest to get the perfect picture of them all sitting side by side, smiling the biggest, and looking straight at the camera, but will that ever happen? Thank you. We're soooo thankful for these boys and can't wait for all the exciting adventures they'll get into together! Check out this post I did back in May for pics of these 3 best friends right after Luke was born. It tells their sweet story! :)

Mason was all relaxin' against the ottoman, then all of a sudden bonked his head back and hit that tray! He started frantically rubbing that head. It was the saddest!

Oh wait, Mason is showing them all how to do it RIGHT! Thank you.

Look at my poor son. Can his momma not buy him clothes that fit? Us girls were going through my bags of old Mason clothes & found all these onesies that Andrea embroidered for him last year. We tried on his Halloween one to see if it still fits. All it needs is a good onesie extender and we'll be good to go! Hee hee! :)

Nope. Mason is not having it. We wanted a cute pic of them modeling Andrea's specialties. The best pics we've ever gotten of them was before Mason even started crawling, when he would just stay put!
Pure Chaos... there's a lot going on in this picture...

Group pic time... Marc got home just in time! Isn't this just a gorgeous picture?

Marc lovin' on two precious little boys

So exhausted tonight after his big day with his best buds!

Here are some of the cute pics from Andrea's camera:

Thank you Auntie Carrie & Auntie Andrea for coming to spend the day with Mommy & me and for bringing big boy Colt & baby Luke to play with me! We had the most fun. I loved helping to take care of Luke and really loved following Colt all over the house. We had some great conversations about my Da-Da! Love you sooooo much!

~Mason Thomas


andreabrosto said...

i loved playing with your elmo toy. thanks for sharing with me! I always like hanging out with you and Colt! one day, i'll be running all over with the big boys, and our mommies better watch out cause we're going to get into lots of fun stuff when they're not, luke

Angela said...

I don't think even an extra long onesie extender is going to help you- it's time for some new clothes!! I love the picture of mason leaning back on his elbows checking everything out!

Blessed said...

Awww...I love this post. We had a blast playing! Can we do it again really soon??? :)

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