Saturday, October 10, 2009

Checkin' out the Fall Decor

I am so excited about another year of Fall adventures to have with Mason! I can't wait to go to Jackson's Orchard here in BG, Gentry Farms in Nashville, and of course lots of Trunk or Treats!! We haven't really gone out and done anything Halloween-ish yet this year, but we will soon! It's just been hard to get into the season yet since we were getting ready for our family beach trip that we went on a couple of weeks ago, but once we got back from that we felt the cool, Fall weather on our faces & started seeing all the pumpkins out on everyone's porches! It made me the happiest! At least I have decorated my house and put out some fun Fall stuff on the porch. Mason & I just ventured on out there so he could check out the situation. He was trying his hardest to pick up that pumpkin, then went over and started pinching each individual mum off. Thank you. And don't worry, we will once again do our annual scarecrow/Halloween costume photoshoot in the front yard! I loved the pics of him in his sweet little lion costume from last year. This photshoot may not go as smoothly since someone can't keep still for one second!

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andreabrosto said...

wow you were up the earliest and out the door! And you already posted them on your blog! You are on top of things! Mason looks so big and SO cute! You need to set up you haybales so we can take pics of the boys in their halloween costumes--like you did last year!

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