Sunday, October 11, 2009

Mason & Colt Lovin' the Animals

Our child LOVES animals almost as he loves eating & throwing balls! He was not scared at all of the petting zoo animals at Jackson's Orchard yesterday. His big boy friend, Colt, wasn't quite as excited as Mason was at first, but with a little pep talk from his little buddy, Colt became a little less hesitant. They would get the most excited; Mason would start screaming with glee, and then Colt would follow closely behind. They were in their own little world. Mason was sticking his little fingers right into those animals' mouths and I cannot believe I was letting him do that! I'm the biggest germ freak around! Not to even mention the whole safety factor! A lady next to us assured us that donkeys just have teeth in the back, so they can't hurt you if you put your hand in their mouths. She said she used to own 30of them in Florida. Thank you.

There were all kinds of interesting animals. See my post below about the most unique one of them all; the infamous ZE DONK!! It was not very pretty at all. And there was this one animal that was sitting down so we couldn't really get a good look of what it was. We each had our own theory; one person said a camel, another said a llama, another said a donkey, and then Carrie's dad had to end it with guessing it was a bull. Thank you. It never stood up so our mystery was never solved! Anyway, these are the sweetest pictures!!

the dirty llama... poor thang!

the mystery animal... is it a camel with that hump? is it a cow with that head? hmm... we will never know!

the Ze Donk... has anyone ever seen one of these??

I wonder what they're talking about here... Colt is pointing out something

I mean, they have been discussing this goat for 20 minutes now! And the goat is all involved in the conversation, too!

Colt, come back, I promise she won't hurt you!
See, she's nice! She'll even let you stick your finger up her nose!


andreabrosto said...

I love that the goat just stood there the whole time and talked to Mason and Colt! Those are cute pictures! I still can't get over how big Mason looks now!! What happened to baby Maymay???

Kristin said...

Fun times! I have never heard of a z-donk and my guess is the mystery animal is a type of cow from out west. I think they sometimes have humps like that (but just guessing)

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