Saturday, December 27, 2008

Mason lovin' his Poppa Jack at Christmastime

We put our Christmas tree the earliest we ever have this year; the Saturday before Thanksgiving! I didn't want to be rushed and put it up at the last minute and I wanted for Mason to enjoy it for as long as he could. Plus, I LOVE Christmas! I always hate to take the decorations down cuz it just makes the house feel so empty. I love Christmas decor cuz it matches our house, especially our red couch and red dining room walls! My dad came over a couple of days after we put up our Christmas tree and Mason was so excited to show it off. Mason was already even sportin' his Christmas attire! He has been wearing these same little outfits over and over for a month straight so that he can get his use out of them. Especially the little outfits that say "Mason" since he can never wear them again. How sad! Anyway, I wanted to post some pics of our house and Mason's little visit with his Poppa Jack that day. :)

My dad and Mason talking to Aunt Linzett on the phone!

Mason loves Christmas and his Poppa Jack!! Just like his Mommy. :)

Mason Meets Santa!

Yay! Marc finally got the virus off our computer so I am back to the blogging world! Well, if you want to continue to stay in the Christmas spirit, just visit my blogs the next few days. :) I have tons of Christmas posts to do, so just pretend it's still a couple of weeks until Christmas is here! Hee hee! We took Mason the first Saturday in December to meet Mr. & Mrs. Claus at Phil & Melissa Roe's home. Melissa is one of the children's ministers at our church and every year they open up their home to all those wanting to bring their kiddos to sit on Santa's lap. I'm so thankful for that cuz I really was not looking forward to standing in those long lines at the malls for Mason to meet Santa! And pay a million dollars for one cheesy picture! We took along my parents, so we had two wonderful photographers snapping the most pictures ever! And all for free! :)

Mason LOVED Santa! He was the most enthralled though by Mrs. Claus. He kept looking straight up at her face trying to figure her out. He just sat and sat and did not want for us to take him off their laps. He also had to reach over and tug on Santa's beard the hardest. I guess he was checking to see if it was real! :) It was such a fun experience! Then we all went to Monell's to eat, Marc's & my first time! I've always wanted to go there! We went to the one downtown Franklin. Oh, it was soooo yummy! You sit a big ole table and they put you with people you don't even know, so it's family style! They brought in these two fun women who had driven in from Alabama for the day to go shopping. We had the most fun with them! We ate the MOST yummy home-cooked breakfast foods ever!! All of our stomachs hurt the most when we left!

Waiting in line to see Santa

Mommy & Daddy wanted to talk to Mr. & Mrs. Claus, too!!
Mason checking out Mrs. Claus

Precious Audrey hanging on to her daddy's leg! She was worn out after her visit with Santa! She was not very happy about seeing him.
I love this one of Tara and her kiddos, Ty & Ansley!

3 proud daddies! Brian & Audrey; Marc & Mason; and Houston & Bennett

Daddy & Mason time

Trying to convince Audrey that Santa wouldn't bite!

Ansley trying to figure Mrs. Claus out... for some reason all the little girls were scared that day! Ty is all perched up trying to be brave. :)
Nana K & Mason checking out the Christmas tree

What a special day we had with our baby boy! Everyone told us to enjoy it while we could cuz next year his reaction to Santa may not be as pleasant!
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