Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We're Home... Again!

Mason & I got back from our road trips with my family Monday afternoon. We ended up spending 7 days away from home to be with my grandmother at the nursing home in Sparta, TN and in Waynesville & Clyde, NC for a few days at my uncle's funeral. It was an emotional, exhausting week, but we were so blessed to be surrouded by our wonderful, HUGE family! I was reunited with cousins, 2nd cousins, and 3rd cousins who I had not seen in YEARS and most of them had not even met Mason. We were so sad to be away from Marc and I know Marc missed his baby more than words can say, but I really needed to be there with my family during all of this.

We buried my uncle on a super cold, rainy fall day in the middle of God's beautiful mountains. It was an outside military service by the grave. The moment the 2 soldiers handed my Aunt Bea the American flag, was the most surreal moment. Aunt Bea seemed so strong, but I know she's just still in shock. She had so much to think about at once... selling their house in Sparta, TN, moving to the new house in Clyde, NC, selling their cars, taking care of financial stuff, her mother dying in the nursing home, and losing the love of her life for 55 years. I just could not imagine. Her 4 children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren were right by her side. My uncle became a Christian a few years ago, so we are at peace that he is in Heaven. His body is COMPLETELY whole again! Praise God! His suffering is over. I know it will hurt for a long time, walking into the living room and not seeing him with his oxygen tank sitting in his recliner, but Aunt Bea knows Uncle Everett is exactly where he is supposed to be.

To update you all on my grandmother, like always, she has taken a turn for the BETTER! This has happened so many times. Except that this time, we still know that it is almost the end. We had "the" meeting with the nursing home staff last week. It was my immediate family; my parents, brother, and me. Jody was kinda the spokesperson for us all. We discussed MaMaw's living will and if we wanted to change the "do not recessitate" order. We, of course, are not goin to change that. We do not want to prolong her suffering any more than we have to. Her heart, kidneys, and lungs are failing. Her blood sugar is out the roof, and her poor little 95-year-old body is exhausted. Internally she is dying, but all of a sudden last week while we were all there, she sat up and started eating, talking, and making eye contact! All of the nurses were in complete shock. She hadn't eaten in weeks, or has barely said a word in months. She was talking to me and reached up and held my mom's hand. And when we walked out of her room for the last time before leaving Sparta, she waved at us! We were happy to have these times with her, but also sad for her that her body is having to work so hard, again. My mom had a talk with her and told her that we understand if she wants to "go home." There are so many people in heaven waiting for her and we will be sad, but will not be angry at her for leaving us. MaMaw nodded her head like she completely understood. We hated to leave her alone, but we had to all get back to our lives and just pray that we can leave MaMaw in God's hands. We really were expecting to stay out-of-town for TWO funerals, but our family is also thankful for a little break.

So, please keep praying for MaMaw. It could be days, weeks, months, or even years, knowing her fighting spirit. Physically though, the nurses are saying that her little body is shutting down and it is not possible for her to live much longer. So, once more we go on and just wait! I truly feel I can be patient through this and just know that MaMaw is not alone; our wonderful God is right there by her side holding her sweet little hand!

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