Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Looking for a deal on EXTRA SPECIAL CHRISTMAS CARDS!?!?! Check this out!

It's that time of the year to start thinking about sending out Christmas cards!!! And I was lucky enough to stumble across a special promotion that is doing. My husband and I LOVE surprising each other with photo books from Shutterfly, as well as ordering prints from there, but I have never ordered their Christmas cards. I really wanted something different this year so I've decided to finally order my cards from Shutterfly! I heard about this special promotion where you can receive 50 FREE cards if you create a special post about Shutterfly on your blog! I am all about getting good deals! I usually send out the 4 x 8 size postcard-type card, but year I wanted to send bigger cards. Shutterfly offers size 5 x 7 cards, printed on premium cardstock, and folded. I CAN'T wait to get my cards in the mail and to start sendin' 'em out!
Here are a couple of designs that I am LOVING! We have several favorite pics from this year and I'm having trouble deciding which ones to use, so the first example below would be perfect for us! We had a family photoshoot at the beach and got several great shots. So, I could see us using the design below, or just pick the best one and use the 2nd example. Oh, decisions, decisions! :)

Click on the following links to be able to view all of Shutterfly's wonderful Christmas & holiday card designs for 2010!
Oh, and while I'm at it.... I may start to get ideas for Mason's next birthday party invite! I know it's not for several more months, but with our baby girl getting here soon, I want to go ahead and start thinking about 2011 events a little ahead of time! :) I'm sooo excited to search to find the perfect one! Here's a link to lots of fun birthday party invites, baby shower invites, etc.!
Where are YOU ordering your Christmas cards this year? You should definitely check out! I've been meaning to blog about Shutterfly for a while and show you all pics of these amazing photo books Marc has made me the past two Mother's Days, and this Shutterfly promotion was the perfect opportunity for me to finally blog about their great deals!
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