Thursday, May 8, 2008

Happy Birthday, Dad & MaMaw!! AND Happy 38 Wks, 4 Days of Pregnancy to me! :)

Tuesday night Marc and I went out to eat with my parents and my MawMaw to celebrate my dad's & MaMaw's birthdays. May is a VERY busy month for my family when it comes to celebrations! Dad's was May 6th and MaMaw's was May 7th (today!!). And mine is this Saturday, May 10th! My dad predicted Mason would be born on his birthday, but it came and went and still no Mason! Anyway, we had the best time celebrating, sitting outside and enjoying the nice breeze at Vittles. I love me some home-cooking!! The waitress brought out some chocolate cake and we all helped her in singing, but it sounded awful!! My dad then opened his birthday card from us and had to read every word of it out loud. Thank you. Noone was paying him any attention. And my MaMaw just LOVED her beautiful card from Marc and me and had to go on and on about it! After we got home, Marc had to do some updated belly shots. It was a very fun, relaxing evening that we all needed very much!! I am so blessed by my family!

A week full of random last pre-parent outings!!

Marc and I have been hanging out with good friends more than usual for us lately. We're trying to make the most out of these last few days or weeks we have before we become super, super busy!! The first pic was taken last Thursday night at the Cheesecake Factory with my Joy Group. This is a ministry at church where different generations of ladies are assigned to a group of women they most likely do not know and they get together once a month over the course of a school year for dinner, devo, or whatever they would like to do. The point is to be put in a group with women you do not know.... so, what are the chances that Andrea and I were placed in the SAME group!! Our fellow Joy Group ladies could not believe it!! Anyway, we met one last time with our group before we all go our separate ways and are placed in new groups in September.

Hangin' out with Ryan and Melia... some of our best friends and one of our favorite couples to double-date with!! We have the most fun being silly with them and eating ALL the time!! Three days before their baby Hudson was born in 2006, we went to Schlotszy's with them, so we did the same last Friday night hoping that meant Mason would be born on Monday! Didn't work! :) Oh well! We then headed on to Krispy Kreme to get our favorites... a box with half regular glazed and the other half custard-filled with chocolate icing!! Yum!!

The pic below was taken at church on Sunday with the beautiful Rosario and her daughter, Escarleth. They are good friends of Marc's and mine from our mission trips to Honduras. We are just in love with Rosario! She and her daughter have been here for several weeks now for Escarleth to have major spine surgery at Vanderbilt. It has all gone well and she is recovering nicely, so they're going back to Honduras on Friday. It was been sooo good to be reunited with them and for Rosario to be excited for my pregnant belly!! I just wish more of my Spanish would come flowing back so I could really say to her everything I want to say! Love you, Rosario!!

After church we went to lunch with Will & Melissa Logue; Cory & Andrea; and Brooke & Johnathan. I got to pick and the pick was O'Charley's cuz I was craving me some yummy bread!! And it definitely looks like in the pic of us sitting down that I had me plenty of rolls & butter that day. I'm the roundest all over!! Hee hee!!

Friday, May 2, 2008


Okay, I'm FINALLY putting pics on this thang of the 3 amazing showers I have had this past month!! I cannot even begin to express how truly grateful Marc and I are for each and every one of these people who have shown us love these last few months, not just by giving us material things, but also by all of the sweet words and prayers!! Each of our 3 showers have been so unique in their own way, and each one attended by so many people from different aspects of our lives.

The first shower was actually at OUR house (I know, a very different concept!) by 5 of my best friends. Andrea B., Melia Roller, and Elizabeth Owensby represented my junior high/high school friends, and Carrie Portis & Brooke Akin represented my "college years" friends. There were probably over 40 beautiful women squeezed into my living room on March 28th, all learning more about each other than they probably wanted to know by time they left my house! :) Hee hee!! We received soooo many monogrammed, embroidered, homemade gifts that night, including burp cloths, shopping cart covers, kleenex boxes, diaper bags, quilts, bibs, onesies, nightlights, lamps, paintings, etc., ALL having Mason's name on them!! :) My friends and family are so talented!! We also received so many wonderful things we need off our registry. Mason was already so incredibly spoiled after just one shower!!

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