Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A Christmas Like No Other!

Mason had the MOST fun opening gifts this year! I mean, he would very frantically tear open that wrapping paper and as soon as he would see the gift his little mouth would go into that "O" shape and he would go "Oh, Wooooow!!!" He was in the most shock about every single gift. And then when he would see it again the next day, he repeated the cycle of shock like he had never seen it before in his life! This Christmas was so exciting for us, that BOTH sets of his grandparents came to our house on Christmas Day just to watch him open his gifts. Definitely different from last Christmas... he was just 7 1/2 months old and we would open the gifts for him and he just looked so serious the entire time. Of course the advantage was that we got all these sweet pictures of him sitting here super still in the middle of his presents; whereas this year he was running around all over the place throwing balls across the room so picture-taking was a little more chaotic! :)

This child has the most toys I have ever seen to the point where it is almost ridiculous! Marc and I have bought him maybe a total of 5 toys in his lifetime because the grandparents spoil him rotten with toys. And what I do buy him comes from consignment sales. I just feel so guilty for seeing these toys sprawled out all over our house knowing that they're just for ONE child! We could take them all to Honduras and share them with about 100 children! I'm brainstorming ways of how Mason can share his toys one day with children who do not have any... Like starting some kind of toy drive or something! Hmm.... The wheels are a' turnin'!

The special Santa gift this year was the bright red retro kitchen! I had the most fun researching kitchens online and waiting for "the one" to arrive! Marc wasn't too sure about getting a kitchen for our son, but I mean, what's wrong with it?? Mason will be a wonderful cook someday just like his Papa Jack! Both of my parents cooked regularly growing up and I think that is so neat that some of my favorite recipes were given to me by my Dad! Mason absolutely adores his kitchen! It is hilarious. The second he saw it he started pilfering madly with all of those pots & pans and fake food. He just went to town like he knew exactly what he was doing! He has this serious look on his face and is the busiest little thang. The cutest little apron came with it, so we put that on him on Christmas Day and he played for hours in it.

We always spend Christmas Eve with my dad's side of the family. This year my brother & sis-in-law hosted so Marc, Mason, and I loaded up and headed down to Nashville for the evening. I'm sharing a few pics from that night, and then more posts to come of Mason's Christmas adventures!

My Aunt Linny reading about the birth of Christ from the Bible... Part of our family tradition is having a devo, singing Christmas carols, and praying together on Christmas Eve. This is my favorite part!

Mason helping to clean up his own trash!

Mason opening his gift from cousin Steph, with a little bit of help from cousin Erica
Sneakin' away a few moments to snuggle with Great-Aunt Linny
MaMaw so excited about her new beautiful red sweater from my parents
Aunt Linny modeling her new Inital Outfitters necklace... I drew her name, which I do just about every year, so I was the most excited about picking out this necklace!
Mason had to bring one of his favorite Christmas books with us
My cousin Steph was in shock that she got this one-legged tripod!
Erica drew my name and got me this "ugly" sweater as she calls it... Her motto is that anything she hates, I love. Thank you.
The whole family seriously discussing the Nascar wall decals that Marc got Jason... Everyone was trying to figure them out.
Thank you Great-MaMaw for my new peg puzzles!! How did you know that these are my new favorite things??
Oh, Woooow!! Lots of food from cousin Steph for my new kitchen that I don't know I'm getting! He got it the next morning from Santa. I told my family that this is the last year we can get away with doing this! :)
MaMaw with her grandkids, grandkids-in-law, and little great-grandbaby
MaMaw got Mason the cutest little personalized bib & Santa hat! He looked sooo cute in them!
Playin' with Papa Jack
My parents surprised Jody & Christy with Jody's little red chair! Their little baby-to-be will be sitting in it this time next year!

What did I tell you about the look of shock that has been on my little boy's face for the last week?!?!
I mean, I have NEVER seen anymore more excited about a gift than my brother was when he opened this hunting gun from my parents and Marc & me! We've been conivin' for months about this gift. It's been "living" in our office in our house and has been giving me the most nightmares! I'm so glad it's finally outta here!

Wittle bitty sockies I got for Christy's baby in the tummy!
My mom in complete shock about the Nikon camera we got her! She is a professional photographer but hasn't had a digital one since she's from the film "era" of developing her own pics in the darkroom. We figured it's time she gets with the latest technology! Ha! She needs this camera to take lots & lots of pictures of her grandbabies!
Marc got this special Bible for my dad ... Marc has one of his own that he has been loving for several months, so he wanted to share it with our dads this Christmas.
Mason was SO excited about his new set of bowling pins from Papa Jack & Nana Kay!
Another Initial Outfitters purchase I was the most excited about! Christy went crazy over her new giraffe-print jute handbag! And you just may even see me walking around with one of these perched up on my shoulder!

Stay tuned for pictures of Chef Mason! :)

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Day in the Moore Household

I wanted to share lots of fun pictures from Christmas Day! Most of these are of Mason tearing into his new gifts, especially his bright red retro kitchen! That was definitely the highlight of his day. Mason's Nana Kay, Poppa Jack, Grandy C, and Paw T were all here to spoil their grandbaby rotten. We had such a great day together cracking up at all of Mason's very dramatic expressions. We hope to continue this tradition of waking up in our own house on Christmas Day and having the grandparents come visit us. It was so nice staying in one day and not having to rush around all over the place. Every other day of our holidays have pretty much consisted of that, but at least we reserved Christmas Day to be a very special, low-key day at home.

Started off the day with breakfast prepared by Marc & me... we even ate this breakfast in our "formal" dining room!

Mason was lugging his new Thomas the Tank blanket around. It's really his very first blanket that is not a baby blanket! It's all big & fluffy. I can just see him all curled up in it watching t.v. when he's 7!
Oooh... Mason's very own big boy bag just like his Daddy's! It's a Reebok bag for us to take with us on overnight trips to see the grandparents. He immediately started packing for some trip... starting with his new bowling pin set. First things first!
Daddy & Uncle Jonathan trying Mason's new Sponge Bob houseshoes on him
Mason also got a Nike hat like something his Daddy would wear! It's crazy seeing all these "non-baby" gifts all of a sudden! Oh gosh, I dread the Ipod & Wii years!

The BIG REVEAL of the kitchen! We were all so excited about this.
Somebody loved it the first second he saw it. He immediately went right up to it and started banging on the pots & pans. I was all in the background ready to put that cute little apron right on him!

Our little chef hard at work
The four grandparents... check out all the food items & shopping cart that the child has already accumulated! All from his Grandy C!

Marc & I did not waste any time. We moved right on to opening our gifts while Mason played away in his kitchen! I was lovin' my new hat/scarves/gloves set from my momma! Wait, and Connie is in the background concentrating all hard on putting that grocery cart together!
Marc trying out this new golf scope thang from my brother & sis-in-law

Of course the focus kept shifting back to the boy & his kitchen!
Us girls in our new pretty scarves! I bought my mom & Marc's mom one, and of course I couldn't resist and had to get one for me, too! I LOVE this scarf! I've already worn it like 5 times.
Oooooooooh, Ahhhhhhhh... Connie got me these cute & hip jacket & hat! I am lovin' this kind of hat lately... I have a couple of them and Marc says I'm a Britney Spears back-up dancer. Thank you.
Okay, this is one cute, colorful train set! My dad was so excited to give this to Mason. And Mason just loves sitting next to it pilfering with all the fun blocks. And of course it requires wearing an apron & house shoes.

Wii time! Even my mom tried out the bowling! She was getting all into it. And Mason was even acting like he was understanding it. I'm just always so scared though that that remote control thang is gonna go flying off someone's hand and knock someone out!

Yes, this is seriously how excited my son gets just by watching someone fake bowl.
Okay, so he looks like one of those wooden vantrioloquist doll thangs here. That face!

Connie completely surprised me by getting me this laptop desk! It is just what I've been needing while doing all this bloggin', but I didn't even realize it!
Opening his new potty... Yes, I thought I would start this process a little early! Marc didn't understand why I needed to wrap it and put it under the tree. But I was just so excited about it.
Mason did not even understand what this contraption was all about. He was not impressed.

Anxiously awaiting his Daddy taking the tags off one of his gifts... notice the kissy lipstick marks from his Mommy!
I have never seen Marc's brother this excited about something before.
Now you can see why! He is one cool dude. These are some Maui Jim sunglasses that he spotted in the optical shop at Marc's work a few months ago. Of course Jonathan had no clue we would buy these for him! Sunglasses make him really happy.
Stocking time!
Tryin' on his new gloves
I mean, he didn't just LOVE them... he LOVED, LOVED them!!!!
High fives all around

Whoo!! Mason's the busiest little bee I know! Just going back and reading all this is making me tired! At 19 months old, he's just into EVERYTHING right now! Life is so fun!

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