Sunday, October 31, 2010

Fall Photoshoot with Nana Kay

My parents came up to BG last Saturday to help start cleaning out our guest room to make room for Baby Mallory! While my dad and I were organizing away, my mom thoroughly entertained Mason... and what did she choose to do??? I came into the living room and she had chosen several outfits & coordinating shoes from his closet to put on him for a Fall photoshoot on the front porch. I didn't know how that was gonna go since I hadn't had much luck, but he had the MOST fun and I could hear him out there laughing the whole time! I have a boy & girl scarecrow on the porch and he kept picking them up and pilferin' with them. He and the scarecrows are the exact same size. It's too cute. The outfit including the fake red turtleneck was a little questionable, but hey, he was having too much fun to even care what was on his body!!

Nana, thank you so much for taking these special pictures of Mason! There are sooo many good ones, I don't know how I'll ever choose a couple to frame! We love you!

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Morganfield Corn Festival

We spent September 17 & 18 in Marc's hometown of Morganfield, KY for their biggest event of the year known as Corn Festival! We used to love going to this every single year while we were dating and first married, but ever since having Mason we haven't been able to go once just cuz life has gotten so hectic with Marc's residency and transitioning to his new job. In fact, the last time we went was September 2007 when we actually told Marc's family we were pregnant while sharing a Bloomin' Onion in the middle of the festival! We were sooo excited to be able to go this year and take Mason for his very first Corn Festival experience... outside of Mommy's tummy! We stayed with our good friends, John & Jamie Burgess, and their 2 sweet little girls, Audrey & Natalie. Jonathan & Molly (Marc's bro & his girlfriend) also came and stayed the weekend. We had the most fun hanging out with all of them! But why in the world did it have to be about 90 degrees???!?!?! Marc said that it was the hottest weekend for Corn Festival to-date during his lifetime. It was so hot that we almost couldn't enjoy it, but we did try to make the best of it!

Hangin' out at the Burgess' before heading to the festival... Mason was as happy as could be after discovering the tractor!

Audrey enjoying her a Bloomin' Onion at Corn Festival
Mason's first Lemon Shake-Up! Yum, my favorite!

Jamie, Audrey, & John
We love Jonathan's girlfriend, Molly! Hope she sticks around! :)
Some of our crew watching the parade... Mason, Marc, Jonathan, Molly, Connie, Uncle Gary
The Burgess'
A parade onlooker

Fun with daddies on the carousel

Loved this!!! Mason wanted to ride these little cars, and he had to share one with this little boy. They were so confused at first and checked each other big time...
But, they were fast friends!

When we got home from the festival, we stripped the babies down to diapers cuz they were so stinkin' hot! Audrey loves her baby sister, Natalie!

Jamie with her precious daughters

Reading time

Nothin' like coolin' down with some fresh fruit!
Oh my, look at these good little sharers!!

Present time! Mason gave Audrey her birthday gift since we missed her party this year... some super cute Carter p.j.'s and a "Big Sis" shirt!

Dinner at Peak Brothers BBQ before getting on the road back to BG

And my favorite picture from the weekend...

Mickey & Minnie.... except that the roles are kinda reversed! Check out my son's chest covering! Ha!

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