Saturday, October 31, 2009

Inflatable Fun!

Our friends at church, Tonya & Eric, had a bunch of us over on a random Tuesday night a couple of weeks ago to play on their new inflatables and to eat yummy Fall food: grilled cheeses, hot dogs, & chili! Yum! It was Mason's first time to play on an inflatable and he was a little hesitant. Plus, most of his friends here are 2 1/2 years old, so he hasn't yet really figured out where he fits in. He just kinda chases all the big kids and tries to do what they're doing, but he's just not really big enough yet. It's kinda sad! He just stares at all the action. I guess at that age all the kids are ignoring each other or fighting with each other anyway, so I guess he's not missing out on too much! :) Anyway, it was such a fun night and there ended up being a big group of us there. Marc's mom was staying with us a few days since she was here having cataract surgery by Marc's partner, so she got to go with us to this shindig. She kept her eye on Mason while Marc and I got to chat with our friends. Except the beginning of the night, Marc and I were joining in the inflatable fun and perched ourselves right up on them! Oh, the night also included an inflatable obstacle course relay race, started by Melissa McMillen and me. She beat me, but everyone agreed it was only cuz I had socks on and she didn't! Hee hee! She ended up being undefeated by the end of the night, including even beating our husbands in the race! It was pretty hilarious to watch all of us grown adults racing through those thangs like maniacs! Especially the dads who had come straight from work in their dress clothes! :)

The Moore Family slidin' adventure...
Grandy C lovin' on Baby Luke Jones ... if there's a baby around, she's sure to get her hands on him or her! :)
Audrey's awesome playhouse... Her daddy is soooo talented! It is the cutest thang ever!

Mason trying to play dinner table with Audrey & Zoe... didn't quite work out...

On your mark!
Get Set!!
Marc strugglin' during his race with Matt Jones
Hilarious! Marc was getting the most beat up in his dress clothes!
Marc didn't stand a chance racing against a fireman!! Matt was out like 5 minutes before Marc! Well, not really...
Matt beatin' Josh Owens
Back to jumpin' for a minute...
Melissa's & my celebratory dance after we completed the first obstacle course relay race. She won, but I was still a good sport! :) Oh, I'll beat 'er in the future!
Matt Jones smilin' like always!
That was AFTER he got up from his very ungraceful ending to the race below! :)
Lydia & Mason enjoying storytime with Grandy C
Marc gettin' him some Baby Luke time... he looked soooo tiny next to Marc! I just love seeing Marc with little babies.

Thanks Tonya, Eric, and sweet little Audrey for inviting us all over to play! Oh yeah, and we all agreed that Audrey definitely has the coolest backyard, with 2 huge inflatables, a custom-designed playhouse built by her daddy, and all!


Audrey's Mom said...

I'm usually the one called "Erica", not Eric! He might appreciate you changing the spelling. HA HA!! We were so glad you guys made it to our first inflatable night. We had so much fun with everyone. (And I hadn't even noticed the undies! I had to go back and check out what you were talking about!)

Blessed said...

Looks like a blast! I have never seen anything like it for adults, but what fun!!!

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