Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Happy Baby

Marc got back today from a week-long mission trip to Tabasco, Mexico to perform cataract surgeries. While he was gone Mason and I spent some time in Nashville with my parents and my parents came to BG for a couple of days to keep us company. We went to church with my parents last Sunday and my aunt and uncle introduced him to the new awesome playground after church. He just took Uncle Steve's hand and out to the playground they went! It was so cute. I went out there and Aunt Linzett was taking pictures and they were having the best time. Mason has only really been on a big boy slide a couple of times and he has acted scared and hesitant. Well, after a couple of times down the slide with Uncle Steve, he was loving it! He was laughing so hard and his hair was flying up in the air. It was hilarious! Just a few hours later we went and got his sweet hair chopped off, so I'm glad I have these pictures. And he looks so adorable in his little outfit. I bought it at a little consignment shop here in BG called "Kiddos" for just a couple of dollars. That store is dangerous for me, so I try to stay away from it as much as possible. Ha! :)

Weeeee!! This is SO fun, Mommy!
Let's do it again!
This time he was a little more excited about goin' down the slide

Mason's great-uncle & great-auntie are taking such good care of him!

Just an extra random little pic to throw in... We went back into the church and decided to hang out on the floor of the foyer for a while with Pastor Todd! As you can see, we were the last people to leave church that day. Typical for the Myers family. :) And Pastor Todd is sooo wonderful... you don't see too many preachers playin' on the floor with the babies after church!
It's looking at pictures like these that make me realize I cannot believe this precious little child is MINE! To Marc and me, Mason is just perfect in every way and we know that God has wonderful plans for his sweet little life. He is an amazing little boy and we are just so thankful for each and every day with him.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

My Newest Creation!

One of my New Year's Resolutions was to venture out of my "safe"world of curtain-making and try out some new sewing projects! Mastering children's clothing is another goal I have, but it just doesn't come very easy for me, so that's a few weeks away. :) For now, I'm attempting something just a little bit easier. Clothing is probably actually easier than all these other things I'm making, but for some reason I just find it intimidating. So, I'll stick to something simple and not complicated at all... like handbags & diaper bags. Ha! I have been working on a bag for a few days and it has been quite challenging because I have a little bit of trouble understanding instructions of the pattern. Thank you. I'm more of a visual image kind of girl, so a whole bunch of words can get a little confusing. I finally figured it out though and I'm so excited to make my next one! Hopefully it'll go a little bit smoother & quicker.

One of my newfound wonderful friends, Heather, has become like my sewing mentor and we have been working on these bags together. We share patterns and fabric, well, mostly she gives me HER patterns and fabric. :) She inspired me to make this bag, and actually I'm probably going over to her house tomorrow to try out a new pattern. We both share a HUGE love for Amy Butler fabric and patterns and it makes us very excited! She is a very talented seamstress and has her own children's clothing home business, TaylorMade4U. Her blog is listed on both my personal & diaper cakes blog. I just love her little girls' knot dresses! She is also the one who got me to put my diaper cakes in the boutique along with her beautiful stuff. Here's a pic of Heather and me, along with our 2 sweet boys, cruisin' around in Gatlinburg a couple of weeks ago. By the way, Brayden is Mason's BFF in BG! He is one year older and everywhere Bray-Bray goes, May-May goes! It is so cute. They just love playing together and have all these big conversations. They especially love pilferin' in Mason's little kitchen!

Okay, back to the subject-at-hand... I just finished my Amy Butler Frenchy Shoulder Bag a few minutes ago and I'm in love with it! Let me know what you think!

I love the fun polka dot fabric I used for the pockets! This bag is great because it has a magnetic snap and two huge pockets on the inside. This pattern definitely made me work hard!

Don't I look like one sassy momma-on-the-go with my new fun Frenchy Shoulder Bag? Ha ha! :)

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Super Ridiculous Rocking Horse Bubble

Okay, so, this is one of those funny "my child's daddy dressed him for church on Sunday morning and this is what he came in the room wearing" posts. But actually, Mommy was the one who picked out the outfit, Daddy just put it on the child in an incredibly hilarious way and they BOTH admitted that the outfit was completely ridiculous and that child could not be seen out in public in it! Thank you.

The story about this sweet little rocking horse bubble... For those of you who know me well, I LOVE consignment sales. I am obsessed with them. And go to about 3 major sales 3 times a year in Nashville where I buy ALL of Mason's clothes & shoes. I pretty much refuse to spend anything over $15 for one article of clothing for May-May, no matter if it is the highest-quality little heirloom smocked outfit ever made. I love me some bargains! So, when Mason was about 3 months old I found this super special looking smocked bubble outfit. It looks like something that has been passed down through generations and that several sweet babies in one family have worn it in some professional photoshoots or something. It is antique-lookin' and full of character and the second I saw it I just had to get it for Mason to wear someday. Well, the months have passed and he has gotten older and more "mature", but yet he was never growing into this sweet bubble. Pretty much the stage where he can wear bubbles and get away with it has come and gone for us, but I was determined to still put this one on Mason when he finally grew into it. So, a couple of Sundays ago was THE day for Mason to bust out this bubble. I was sooo excited about it. Marc usually dresses Mason for church and I was just waiting to hear his reaction to this outfit from across our house. After about 20 minutes of Marc being in Mason's room getting him ready, Mason came barrelling through the house right into our room & bathroom where I was. When I saw him, I cracked up the loudest at this child looking the silliest I had ever seen him. I could not wait to hear what Marc had to say about this one! He came in the room and said, "I've kept my mouth shut about many of your outfit selections for our son, but this time I have to put my foot down!" I mean, does a boy even know how to put a bubble on a baby properly? It was one of those ones where the top part buttons to the bottom bubble part, and I have to admit, these buttons can be pretty complicated to figure out sometimes. Well, Marc did not even button it properly so that made it look even sillier. There were these long skinny legs coming out the bottom of this VERY fluffy bubble and Mason looked like the prettiest little girl. It really did look like a little dress all ballooned out around him.

Needless to say, off the child the bubble went. I was so sad about it cuz I spent this money on this bubble Mason will never wear. Maybe someday I will have that super chubby baby I always would thought be fun to have and he can wear this bubble when he's 9 months old or something! My little super skinny Mason was not meant to wear this bubble I guess! Some outfits really are meant for super chunky babies I think for them to look right! Ha! I also kinda wish that I would have allowed Mason to go to church in this bubble just to see everyone's reactions. We should have acted all serious and confused about why people were laughing and saying that we spent $100 on this outfit for Mason or that it was Marc's when he was little or something. I mean, Marc and I are pretty mean, and I could see us making so much fun of some other sweet child wearing this outfit to church! It would have been major payback time for us! :)

Be prepared to make some serious fun of my child right now! And you have my permission!!


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday, Lukie!

Marc, Mason, and I went down to Nashville today to help celebrate Luke's birthday. Luke is the baby of my best friend, Andrea. He's also Mason's best friend, of course! :) His actual b-day was Thursday, Feb. 4. He had the cutest little party, and Mason acted like he owned the place since he was the oldest little party guest there... well, until Hudson Roller arrived on the scene! I love seeing Mason reuniting with all his little Nashville friends! It seems like after I had Mason, all of our friends started announcing they were pregnant, so little by little all of these new little friends came along! Every time we go back to visit, all these little babies are SO big, which makes my little baby seem like the oldest thang! Makes me a little sad, but also makes me realize how very blessed we all are to have these beautiful, healthy, sweet babies. For most of our friends in Nashville, having babies does not come easy and many of us have been down the road of infertility, miscarriages, and just not getting pregnant as quickly as we thought. So, it makes us that much more thankful for these precious children.

Sorry, had to go there cuz looking at pictures of these babies are bringing tears to my eyes! I love Luke like he is my own son since his Mommy and me have been "sisters" since the day we met in 7th grade. I am so sad I can't be there to watch him grow each and every week, but we still do get to have random outings every few weeks or so. He is such a sweet, smiley baby, just like his momma! Mason kinda picks on him sometimes, but Luke takes it like a man and just smiles so big. Mason is really just starting to pay attention to Luke now that he's a little bigger and they can interact and play more. I pray that these two boys stay as close as their mommies are, and more importantly, that they can survive lots of family vacations together in the future! :)

The only 2 sweet little girls there... Melissa with Baby Matilea & Kristin with Baby Katie Grace. They're always so calm & well-behaved in the midst of all those crazy silly boys!
Luke overseeing the toy situation
Lukie with his Auntie April
Hmm... what to think about this interesting-lookin' contraption??
Luke seemed to like the first taste... he was just so laid-back about the whole thing
Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Luke... !!!!
Still enjoying it...
And then.... not so much. He felt the need to rub his eye with his hand that had the icing all over it. But he just kept rubbing and rubbing until it started stinging (like crazy, I'm sure!). Then he wasn't so happy. Poor little thing!
Opening presents... but can't you tell that he's lookin a little rough from the icing incident?? Nothing a super cute smocked fish shortall can't fix! :) Mason picked this out all by himself. Thank you.
Melia & me
Mason enjoying some Poppa Jack & Nana Kay time... for some reason they get the biggest kick out of feeding him grapes.
Luke beating up on his Uncle Tim (Andrea's big brother)
Luke "reaching up" for his Nan nan (Cory's mom)... actually he was just trying to get down
Mason playing a few tunes for the party guests
I love this one! Mason and Luke hangin' out with Nana Kay
Andrea and me with our sweet boys... love this picture even though my sweet boy is trying his hardest to get down!

Who's this handsome little farmer?
Cooke's like, "Here, Mason, let me try to help you figure this thing out!!"
Oh, soooo sweet!
I stole some of Andrea's pics so that you can see all her cute decorations! Someone painted this for her, but she pretty much made everything else.

Mason had the hardest time deciding which party favor to pick! He finally settled on the lion.

Happy birthday, Luke Andrew! We were so excited to be able to celebrate your 1st birthday with you. You were such a good boy and ate your cupcake without getting upset and overwhelmed by the fact that 20 people were taking pictures of you! Can't wait to celebrate lots more special days with you! Love you and your Mommy & Daddy to pieces!
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