Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Our BG House!

We moved into our house here on July 22nd & are LOVIN' it! We're just renting for a year until we decide which part of town we would like to live in; plus we didn't want to jump into buying something right away. So, it saved a ton of stress in our move to Bowling Green! We are in a subdivision and a little bit out in the country, which is definitely different for me. You pass corn fields on the way to our neighborhood and it makes me the happiest! Even living in a smaller town it still takes us longer to get to a gas station or grocery store than it took us to get to those places in Nashville. Marc has about a 20 minute drive to work, and he's thinking if we end up staying here that he would like to live closer into work. So, who knows where we'll be this time next year! Our house is perfect for us and we really do not look forward to moving again. I'm slowly but surely getting it decorated how I want it. Even though we're renting I'm still wanting to make it our "home" so I haven't hesitated in the decorating. We never had curtains at our house in Nashville during the 4 years of living in it, so that's something I said I would definitely get right on now that we moved. I am actually making curtains for our house. I started sewing back in the spring, but had only made some clothes for Mason. It took me forever to make my first set of curtains, but I'm the most proud of them! I'm loving picking out the fabrics and deciding what style of curtains to use for each room. I've made 3 sets of curtains so far and I have more to make! It's the most fun! One day I'll tackle pillows, bedspreads, etc. but I just haven't had the time lately to sit down and concentrate on it with everything going on with my family these last couple of months. We've been hosting Life Group on Sunday nights some and having friends & family come and visit from out of town, but I hope to start entertaining lots more. I've always loved having people over and playing "hostess" and can't wait to start doing that with our new friends here. Of course, we always love our out-of-town guests, so you Nashville peeps, please come up and see us! We would love to have you and show you around our new "town"! :)

Our room in Nashville all neatly organized, packed, ready to go. Those Allied guys did a great job! I was super impressed. I was hesitant at first about using a moving company, but now I know why people use them all the time! We're so blessed that Marc's work paid for us to have movers.
Loading the truck in Nashville... Notice Trixie out in the middle of the street supervising.
I'm sure our new neighbors were the most confused when this huge semi moving truck thang pulled up on their street! It took up the entire street! They probably wondered how many people exactly were moving into this house! Hilarious.
Our movin' crew with their favorite girl! Ha! We bonded with these guys. We were with them for 3 days... packing our Nashville house, loading the truck, driving to & unloading at the BG house... They were some of the hardest working guys I'd ever met!
The movers working hard! Notice Marc directing & the crew of relatives in the background. Ha! :)

Our first official family photo in front of our new house

View from our living room from the foyer as you enter our house

I love the sweetness of this picture! Mason checking out our cool view of the cul-de-sac... and a head-on view of our neighbors across the street who just so happen to be our friends from church! It's such a blessing to have them so close.
Probably my favorite part of the entire house! :) This picture & verse sums it all up!
Our foyer

Some of my Fall decoratin'...<
The living room... we love how spacious it is! Lots of room for Mason to drag his toys in here while Mommy & Daddy are watching t.v. or just hangin' out
Marc chillaxin' while I was walking around the house taking pictures... That's his life! :)
Another cool part of our house... For some reason whoever built this house decided to put this mirror above the fireplace. I guess to open up the space, but built-in mirrors above fireplaces are kinda my pet peeve. So, I decided to make the best of the situation and ordered this beautiful vinyl "M" off of Etsy (along with the other vinyl wall stickers throughout our house). I love how it turned out!
Guest half-bath off our living room
Still trying to figure out what I want to do in here... want to spif if it a little! Any ideas?
Kitchen... still a work in progress. We're loving our stainless steel appliances! Took some getting used to, but they're sooo nice! We eat most of our meals at the eat-in area you see in the background. Working on something fun for the windows; you'll just have to wait & see! :)
Mason trying out the formal dining room while we were here painting his room a week before moving in... It was the only room where he would calm down and actually go to sleep! He was a big stinker that day.
Dining room with the "Moore" touch! My first set of curtains to make... I so love these! I found this fabric at Wal-Mart for just $1.10 a yard!! And I wasn't even there shopping for fabric! So, I made these curtains for about $7 total. Thank you. I had to add a lot of lining since it was kinda thin, but sooo worth all that $ I saved! Plus I think they look nicer with the lining.

Our bedroom... definitely a work in progress! I'll post pics soon as I finish some more little projects. I've been neglecting our room lately.

Master bath... The walls were already painted this pretty gold/yellow color. The picture that is on the wall above the shelves was my inspiration for this bathroom. I bought it years ago at Old Tyme Pottery but just never really had a place for it on our past houses. When I first saw this bathroom, that picture immediately jumped into mind and I was so excited to get started decorating!
Of course Mason's Exersaucer to complete the look! He still loves that thang after a year of having it! It's the best invention ever for when he needs to be contained so mommy can steal a shower, which is very rare these days!
The last curtain I made. Another one of my fabulous Wal-Mart finds at $1.40 a yard! It was the PERFECT blue and it has the tiger in it to complement the tiger/zebra towels & other accessories that are in the bathroom. I really lucked out!

I had been wanting this saying in a bathroom for a while now. I asked my Etsy lady to custom-design it for me. It makes me happy! Now I just gotta do what it says! :)
Mason's room "before"
Mason's room "after"!
I'm so proud of this valance I made to match his bedding perfectly!
This is such a sweet picture of my baby getting down from his Anywhere Chair... a late b-day present from Marc's mom. He loves perching up in it reading his books and we even take it into the living room so that he can sit up like Daddy and watch t.v.! Too bad some big kids from church taught him how to stand up in it and jump out of it! :)

This extra bedroom serves all kinds of purposes!! Guest bed, Mason's play area, sewing desk... the list goes on & on! :)

I made this banner for Mason's 1st birthday party and always wanted to decorate a room in the colors! It just so happened to match this room perfectly, so now I can proudly display it!
Mason loves his make-shift play area! Maybe someday he can have his very own playroom, but for now this will have to do! I'm asking Santa to bring us some kind of shelving system to get all of Mason's toys organized.
A little nook as you enter the living room from our "long hall of rooms" as we call it (our room & master bath are all the way across the other side of the house!)
Mason's bathroom... finally! We received this PBK shower curtain & matching towel set for shower gifts, but haven't gotten it all out until now. I love it!
And Wal-Mart happened to have this super cute froggie soap dispenser & toilet bowl cleaner (not shown) that match perfectly!
Another surprise to show you all in this bathroom in a later post! :)
Our newest pride & joys!!! Lowe's had a super sale on Samsung appliances AND we got the drawers under the washer & dryer for FREE! A GREAT deal since those drawers ALONE are usually about $250 a piece. Marc has been making comments that he's never seen me do this much laundry in his life. And ya wonder why!?!?
Our back patio... we love how big it is and perfect for entertaining!

Hope you enjoyed the tour! I didn't show everything just yet; as I have some more little projects I need to complete. We are so blessed to have found such a perfect house for us to call "home" for a little while. We definitely feel God's presence within these walls. We realize each & every day how wonderful He is; for we would have nothing without Him!


Elizabeth said...

WOW! Beautiful pictures!

The Kinards said...

LOVE the house. You are an awesome decorator. Can I pay you to come decorate/organize my house. We have been here almost a year and I still don't have curtains up. I can never make a decision or spend that much money! HELP ME!!

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