Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mason's 1st Easter Egg Hunt

Mason did his first egg hunt ever today! We went with our good friends, the Burtons'. The hunt was hosted by a local church, but the entire community was invited. It took place downtown at Circus Square. That is one thing I LOVE about the small-town feeling of Bowling Green; hanging out at the squares. When we first moved here last summer, there were free concerts every Friday night at the squares and I can't wait for them to start back up this summer! This egg hunt was pretty crazy though since there were sooo many people there. They divided it up into age groups, so Mason's group was baby through 2 years old. It was ridiculous because there were this big ole dads carrying around their 2 week old babies and grabbing all these eggs to put in the baby's basket! And then there were sweet little almost-2 year olds like Mason who was actually picking up the eggs THEMSELVES instead of having their parents do it, so they got like 4 eggs! Mason just looked so overwhelmed and confused at all of the commotion going on. So his 1st egg hunt wasn't the most pleasant or stress-free one, but at least it has been a day full of memories! :) Mason loved watching his big buddies Ally & Caroline hunt their eggs! They always keep him thoroughly entertained. And Mason and baby Gracie had the biggest conversations all throughout the day and kept pilferin' in each other's baskets taking each other's eggs. They would hit & shove each other, and 5 seconds later give kisses and share their eggs. Their relationship is filled with the most drama!

God gave us such a sunny, gorgeous day so after the hunt we walked over to Subway and had a little picnic in the square. And bought some banana bread from a little random woman named Rita who set up shop outside of Subway. Thank you. Mason was exhausted after his big day and took the longest nap! Enjoy some pics from our fun day!

Mason & Da Da frantically trying to find some eggs

Mason being sweet and sharing his eggs with Gracie
Trying to find the perfect egg to give his girlfriend
Father/son Diet Coke break.... hmm... much to his mommy's dismay
The guys' just chillin'
Ally & Mason gearing up for the next age group's hunt... Mason was not even a part of that group, but he wanted to do exactly what Ally was doing. He LOVES her so much and always yells her name across the room whenever he first lays eyes on her. And he only says like 2 people's names!
Mason waiting patiently for Ally to open his egg

Silly Caroline gearing up for her egg hunt
Mason actually rather enjoyed his visit with the Easter Bunny! He just looked so content and relaxed and was all staring off into space. I think he could have sat there all day!
My sweet boy working so hard at his egg hunt! This was actually after the real hunt; we just took all the eggs he found and scattered them on the ground around him so that he could think he was finding them for the first time. Thank you.

Scott & Mason so proud of their precious babies
Caroline in action
Look at Ally go with her long blonde ponytail! This hunt was so competitive, but she held her own! We were all cheering them on from the sidelines.
Gracie taking a peek into Mason's basket

Look at how big my little boy looks?!?!?! Oh, he's so handsome! :)

The Burton Family... Steph & Gracie, Trajan, Caroline, Scott, & Ally on the bunny's lap Our little crew walking over to Subway for our picnic

We're excited about next weekend because all 4 of Mason's grandparents will be here to be the audience to his very own personal, customized egg hunt! We're doing it on our backyard and he gets all the eggs to himself! And they're filled with dairy-free candy so he can actually enjoy the contents of the eggs! :) Check back soon for some more pictures from this beautiful Easter season!

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