Friday, March 26, 2010

Baby Akin has been made!!!!

Woo hoo!!! The miracle soooo many of us have been praying for sooooo long is FINALLY growing in Brooke's belly! It just doesn't seem real! Johnathan & Brooke are some of our best friends who we love so much and they have wanted a baby so badly for a few years. They tried a while to get pregnant, went through some fertility treatments, and finally got pregnant last May after a second IUI (artificial insemination). It turned out to be an ectopic pregnancy and three months later had another failed IUI. She finally looked into acupuncture after hearing the wonderful success stories of some of our friends. They looked to it as one of their last options, and God completely worked through it! In Brooke's third month of acupuncture and taking herbs, she got pregnant! Praise God, that sweet baby is just a' growin' so perfectly!! Brooke is now 13 weeks pregnant and has been feeling great!
Some of B & J's friends from the inner-city church they helped start in Nashville threw them a surprise party tonight and we shocked the daylights out of them by driving in to be there. We met up with Cory, Andrea, Luke, and my parents for dinner at Cracker Barrel then headed on to the party. Everyone is just soooo excited and thrilled for them and we are already dying to meet this miracle child! My mom keeps saying that Brooke needs to go on Oprah to share her journey! Ha! She actually does have a blog that she started back in October talking about her infertility journey and we are so thankful that she now has good news to share on it!! You can find her blog in my list of friends' blogs to the right.

Marc & I met up with the Akins' in Green Hills this past Tuesday night to eat at Cheesecake Factory to celebrate their pregnancy! Here are Mason and his "Uncle" Johnathan strollin' through the mall... We had to keep our mouths SHUT about the party! I had just found out about it that day so I was so afraid I was gonna let it slip!

The surprise party tonight! Eating at CB with my parents & the Brostos'... my parents are always happy to be able to spend time with Mason! They kept him for us while we were at the party.

Andrea & Lukie... he was modeling the new bib Mason had just given him! We have LOVED having this bib for Mason and get the most hilarious comments on on it! Now Luke has his very own!
The mommy- & daddy-to-be!!
Me, Brooke, & Andrea... we are gonna be two PROUD aunties!!

Marc & Johnathan... BFF's!!
Brooke and her sister, Bonni... She and her hubby just moved to Nashville and I know Brooke is so excited to have her sister close by through this journey!
Luke & Johnathan checking out the cool fishies
Johnathan, Cory, & Marc

We love you, Brooke & Johnathan! We cannot wait to meet your precious miracle in October!! I pray that the acupuncture I am now undergoing provides us with a beautiful blessing just like it has for you!

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The Akin's said...

April, Thank you so much for your sweet post and for sharing our journey! We just pray that it continues to bring God glory and praise! I love the picture of Mason and Johnathan holding hands in the cute! In just a few weeks we will have plenty of new cruise pictures to share with everyone! So excited! LOVE YOU!!!!

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