Thursday, March 4, 2010

May May's 4th Haircut

As some of you know, having Mason's hair cut has been one of the very few challenges Marc and I have faced as parents. If haircuts & allergies are our only problem, we're one blessed set of new parents! Mason has had his hair cut 4 times, and instead of getting easier, it gets harder with each time! His first cut was at a children's salon, Snip Its, in Cool Springs (near where we lived in Nashville), but the next 3 were at random little salons here in BG since we have moved. I have to move around to different salons cuz I can't really step foot back into one after the way the haircut goes! I always feel so badly for the girls cutting his hair. He is scared to death of scissors and puts his hands all up in the way of the scissors and the poor hairdresser is always so scared she's going to snip his little fingers. He cries so hard and no matter how much I try to entertain him with juice, bananas, books, suckers, and even other women in the salon, nothing I do can comfort him.

We have known for a couple of weeks now that Mason was in desperate need for a haircut! But, I was dreading it so badly that I just kept putting it off. It was to the point of looking pretty bad, so since I was in Nashville last week (Marc was in Mexico on a mission trip) and had my parents' help, I decided to go back to Snip Its for Mason's haircut. I was SO thankful that this time it was a MUCH better experience! Definitely his best cut to date. At first he was a little unsure, but I asked the lady to use clippers instead of scissors and that was the trick. How can he be scared of scissors, but not of clippers?!?! We kept him busy with about 5 suckers. One would get a hair on it so we would bust out a new one. He and I both had slobber and sucker juice all over us, but whatever it took to have a pleasant experience! Since this is a children's place, I don't feel as stressed about keeping him quiet because all the parents in there are going through the same exact thing. This lady did such a wonderful job with Mason and I'm going to try and go back to her every time. Mr. Mason looks so handsome now, and like such a big boy! Marc almost didn't even recognize him when he got back from Mexico!

Mommy picking hair off one sucker, while another one had already gone into his mouth! Whatever we had to do to get the job done!

Poor little thang... He would get so frustrated because he would rub his eyes to get the hair out, but then get hair in his eyes and the stickiness from the sucker everywhere. At least all that was keeping his mind off the fact that he was getting a haircut!
My little boy has NEVER been this happy during a haircut!
He looked so handsome when it was all said & done! She used this gel that made it stick straight up all over. Love it! I can't get it to do the same thing though.

Time to pay and get a special treat out of the slot machine!

My big boy with his big boy haircut!

We went to Wal-Mart after the big haircut so my mom and I could buy some fabric... a few other items somehow made their way mysteriously into the cart as you can see.... Hmm... That was one happy little shopper!

And one with a very NICE HAIRCUT!!! YAY!!!

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