Monday, March 1, 2010

My Little Helper

So, Mason's new favorite thing to do around the house is to help with laundry. I'm not even kidding. All this started this week since Marc got back from Mexico a few days ago. He was unloading all the scrubs from his suitcase to throw them in the washing machine, and Mason immediately started pulling things from the suitcase and putting them where they were supposed to go. If it were an article of clothing, he would throw it into the machine, but if it were a shoe he would neatly line it up in the hallway. AND, if it were a water bottle, he would sit it on the floor near the kitchen. What a smart little boy! He knew that the shoes and water bottle were NOT supposed to go in the washing machine! Marc and I were just watching all of this to see what Mason would do. It was hilarious. Ever since that first night of helping Dada with laundry, if he sees me in the laundry room he runs in there to see if he can help. He shoves the dirty clothes into the machine with everything he has and starts this dramatic breathing to show he is exhausted from all that work! And, he transports the wet laundry from the washing machine into the dryer. Are we allowed to work our poor son this hard?!?!? Oh well, he's a good one to have around!

Notice the items that do not get put in the washing machine.... shoes, visor, water bottle, and then a towel! He had put the towel in the machine but then I guess realized how big and bulky it was and that maybe it should go in separate load. Thank you.


Deaton, party of 5 said...

Girlfriend, send that little helper my way =).

andreabrosto said...

Love him! And what an important Kindergarten skill he's working on--sorting! Way to go Mason! Maybe he can teach Lukie the next time he comes over!

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