Friday, April 2, 2010

Paw T & Grandy C are here!!

What a fun weekend we're having! Mason will get to spend Easter weekend with all 4 of his grandparents! Marc's parents, Terry & Connie, came in tonight from Madisonville, KY to spend the night with us; and my parents are arriving in the morning! We have a fun little Easter egg hunt planned just for Mason in our backyard tomorrow. Grandy C already presented all 3 of us with bunches of Easter goodies the minute she got here! Mason was in the most awe and shock about all of his gifts. And Marc and I were almost as excited about ours! We got our own little Easter "bags", I guess since we've graduated from an Easter "basket." Thank you.

When Paw & Grandy arrived tonight, they played for a while with Mason in the backyard, his newest most favorite thing to do! They were the busiest with his little golf club set, baseball set, and of course, bubbles! Then we were off to eat at one of Marc's & my favorite restaurants; Cheddar's! We were so excited to see one pop up in BG just a couple of months after we moved here. We got a few really good pictures tonight. The blossom trees in our backyard are sooo pretty right now and we happened to all have on clothes that kinda matched Mason's! Marc, Mason, and I looked like we were all dressed for some professional family photos we were so coordinated! And trust me, that never happens. We're not one of those little families who dress to match each other on purpose! :)
By the way, I am LOVING this beautiful spring weather! All the kiddos in our neighborhood were out today & tonight riding their bikes and lots of families are out taking walks. I love that we live on a cul-de-sac where most of the action is! Mason is taking it all in and was soooo excited for Grandy & Paw to get here so that he could have a big "group" of people to play with outside! :)

More fun posts to come of Easter weekend with the grandparents! Mason can't wait for his Nana Kay & Papa Jack to get here! I mean, there's nothing better than having the 4 people who spoil you rotten most in this world all in the very SAME room!!! Right?!?!? :)


andreabrosto said...

Cute family pics!! Those are definitely frame-worthy! I want to hear about your Easter goodies!

Blessed said...

Fun times! Mason is lucky to have both sets of grandparents so close! Glad you had a fun weekend! :)

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