Thursday, March 25, 2010

Road Trip to Memphis

Our good friends, Seth, Carrie & Colt Portis are about to move from Memphis to Louisville to start dental school at U of L. We are so excited for them! Andrea and I wanted to go visit them one last time before they move, and before they have their sweet little baby girl, Presley Rae! So, we loaded up our boys and off to Memphis we went last week. Marc was in his last days of studying for a huge test he took this week, so it was a perfect time for Mason and I to get out of his hair! ha ha! :) We had the best time hanging out with Carrie; lots of cooking, eating, catching up, baby talk, and of course watching our 3 boys getting into all sorts of trouble! We get to enjoy all the phases of a 1 year old, almost 2 year old, and 3 year old when we're all together. Always makes for interesting adventures!
Mason's Poppa Jack saw us off... He was helping us get the car seats all situated in Andrea's car in Nashville before we left on our journey. The boys immediately got all situated with their books.

So, Andrea and I were in the biggest conversation during the drive there, and all of a sudden I looked in the backseat and this is what was going on! Thank you. It was the sweetest thing ever. Mason was so happy.

They were really into Mason's Little People flap books! My baby was so sweet to share his books with his friend.

Oh, time to switch!

First meal of the trip. We perched the boys all up for their dinner so we could get busy making some yummy Chicken Spaghetti! I had been craving that for soooo long! Us mommies & Seth ended up not eating til 9:30 though cuz we were chatting and cooking for so long.

Bathtime for Mason while Luke looked on in awe! Mason was telling me in this pic that he wanted to shoot some hoops after his bath.

Love these two diaper butts!
Mason & Colt fitting in a quick game of ball before heading off to bed

First official photoshoot of the trip...
They were just plain silly by this point from exhaustion... especially Mason Thomas, in case you can't tell! He had a big day of getting up early for school, traveling to Nashville to meet up with Andrea & Luke, then continuing on to Memphis, PLUS playing for hours with his buds!
The next mornin: We started our day off early so we could go on a mini-road trip to Tunica, MS to eat at Paula Deen's YUMMY restaurant! We had been looking forward to that for sooooo long! It's all Andrea and I could talk about! Look at how happy and content our boys were all chillin' in the family van!
Just a few hours later (this pic is out of order, but just wanted to show you the "before-Paula Deen's"/"after-Paula Deen's" pictures! :) )
On Paula Deen's "front porch"

The boys almost ate as much as their mommas!!
Stealing away some moments with my sweet baby
What is Mason doing? He is so silly!

Okay, this is hilarious and I almost did not post it but I knew y'all would get a good laugh! I mean, ever since having a baby, my stomach can pooch waaaay out there. It is so funny at how big my belly can get after a good, hearty meal. So, after this meal, I am not even kidding you, it was almost as big as Carrie's 8 1/2 month pregnant belly! Ha! :)
Mason & Colt were up to no good the entire time we were eating! I loved seeing how much fun they were having together.

Mason got to eat the most food off that huge buffet for FREE!!!

Carrie's & my plates... fried green tomatoes, sweet potatoes (the yummiest ones I've EVER had!), mac 'n cheese, fried ocra, carrots, squash casserole, cheese grits, lima beans, peas, green beans, mashed taters & gravy, and last but not least; Paula's amazing cheese biscuits!! Are ya jealous yet?!??!
Is Colt hitting Luke upside the head? Well, whatever he's doing Luke is thoroughly enjoying it!
Mason & Luke are like, "Who in the world is that lady in this picture with us?!?!" They could not keep their eyes off of Paula!! And Colt was like, "C'mon guys, I come here all the time. That's just Paula! She won't hurt ya!"
What is Colt doin' down there? And Mason is the most interested.

Off to the zoo we go!!! I have heard wonderful things about the Memphis Zoo, so I was sooo excited that we were finally getting to go!!! It really was like a big Disney park or something! Here the boys are in front of the geyzers at the Yellowstone Lodge; the newest part of the zoo! We got to watch the Grizzly bears & wolves behind the lodge.
We spent a lot of time staring at the polar bears. They were sooooo huge and cute and would just swim right by us peddling their little hands and feet so quickly. It was a funny sight to see. I LOVE this pic of Luke & Colt!
Mason was too scared to go up to the glass, but he loved sitting on the bench next to me to watch the polar bears from a distance. He was in the most amount of shock.

Still in shock when it came time to visit the flamingoes
Cute group shot! Oh, this was right after a group of high school-lookin' girls said, "That's us in a few years!" a few seconds after walking past us. Thank you. That's what we say now about a Cadillac full of 80 year old women! Do we look like a little group of old women!?!?
My sweet boy would get so scared every time I encouraged him to go up to a fence with the other 2 boys to get a closer look at the animals. He would hold on to me for dear life. Here he is staying close to Auntie Andrea while she explained the zebras to him. Look at Luke being all brave!

Oh my goodness, this panda bear was my favorite part of the day! The zoo was about to close, but Luke & Mason wanted to stop by to see the panda bear on our way out. Thank you. So, it was pretty much just us in that exhibit. That bear just seemed like it wasn't even real though, the way it was acting. He was so cute and would just sit there like a dog or something. Our boys were kinda confused about him I think.
Back at Carrie's after a looooong, but fun day! Present time! Andrea and I gave Baby Presley a little shower of goodies we've been collecting for a while now. We've been finding the cutest stuff at consigment sales, and of course making her some special little creations!
One last night of playing... and the chosen location was in Colt's crib!
Last day of the trip: Time for Colt to say bye to his little friends! We tried to get some pictures on the front porch one last time.

Look at these two big boys!!
This is about the second when Colt and Mason spotted a very intriguing little bug crawling on the ground. They could not keep their eyes off it the rest of the time. Luke could care less though. He was looking at some freshly-planted pretty flowers.
Busy little bees...
"Oh, woooooow!!!" Okay, probably my favorite picture ever!!

We had such a wonderful getaway to visit some people we love so much! It just doesn't seem real that this was the last time to visit the Portis' in Memphis. In just a couple of months we will be making road trips up to Louisville! Can't wait since those are my old stompin' grounds! We love you Seth, Carrie, & Colt and are praying hard for this next, EXCITING, chapter in your lives!


Blessed said...

Awww...I love this post, of course. It was SO SO FUN having you girls here. It meant a ton to me. What fun memories we made. I love you all!

andreabrosto said...

Awww, that was a fun post to read! Even though those were most of my pictures! heehee. I just love watching our boys interact with each other. I know they are going to get into some serious trouble together one day! And of course I love spending time with my besties!

Journey said...

So much fun! You all's boys are getting so big! Love ya- Mason is so handsome!

Jen said...

Looks like a fun time! How do you have the patience to upload all those pictures?! It takes me forever just to do a few. :)

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