Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mason's Goes to Big Red School!

I can't believe that my sweet baby has started big boy school! Today was his second day. We were so blessed to be able to get him into the Big Red School; the preschool program at Western Kentucky University. Several of our little friends from church go there and their mommies always have such wonderful things to say about it. Mason goes every Tuesday from 9 to 11:30. There is an obversation room so I have spent some time watching him and it really is the neatest thing to see him interact with all the other kids. There are about 12 kids and 6 adults, so a lot of one-on-on time. They move from different stations during their time there; play, snack, crafts, music, etc. Mason is already doing the most big boy things, including drinking from a cup with NO lid and washing his own hands! It was very hard for me to watch this at first since he had no idea how to do either of those things and really struggled at it, but it's getting much easier each week. We were so sad that Marc had to miss Mason's first day of school because he was in Mexico on his mission trip, but hopefully soon he'll be able to go with us so he can check it all out.

I just think it's the cutest thing that Mason is in school. He looks so grown up with his big backpack & lunch box! And the thing that has really surprised me, is that he is experiencing some major stranger anxiety. I mentioned this a couple of posts ago, but it is at it's peak on days when I drop him off for school. He cries so hard and holds onto my legs, but within minutes the teachers have him at the "bean" box and he is digging all through it already forgetting that I'm even there. I secretly love the fact that he is wanting his mama! Ha! :)

Here are some sweet pictures of my little baby all grown up and ready for school!

Parent Orientation a couple of weeks before school started... Mason just jumped right in & quickly bonded with his new classmates & teachers!
There is a little loft that the kids can sit under and read books... Mason's favorite spot of the classroom!
Right when you walk in the classroom you see this neat little box filled with beans and lots of random items. Mason LOVES pilferin' all through there. The teachers say they are constantly picking up beans!

Mason did not want to leave his new school and the only way for me to get him outta there was to give him some juice! He still stood right by that door hoping we were going back in!

1st Day of School!
Last Tuesday - February 23, 2010 (supposed to start the week before but we had a snow day... already!!)
I was so excited about the Stephen Johnson backpack & matching lunch box I ordered him on Ebay! And my good friend, Heather, embroidered his name on the bag. I love it so much!! Auntie Andrea made him the cutest shirt ever and it even has the Big Red School on it! Ha! :) My little boy was all set for his big day!
In the lobby at the Clinical Educational Complex at Western, waiting to go into the Big Red School classroom! All the parents & students were filing in waiting all anxiously to go in. Mason's like, "Mom, I'm trying to look all cool in front of my new friends, and you're EMBARASSING ME!!! Again!!!"

Mason & his new friend, Elizabeth. We met her & her mommy at the orientation and found that that Elizabeth was born just one day after Mason!!! Two little May 2008 babies! We were so excited to find a little classmate his exact same age! All the other kids are closer to 3 years old.
Oh my, they look like two little 5th graders or something who have a crush on each other so they're the most embarassed that their mommies are taking pictures of them!
Today - 2nd day of school!

Cool dude
Thanks, Heather, for letting us have Bray Bray's Big Red School shirt! We love it!

Shooting some hoops before leaving for school... Yes, the backpack had to stay on! He loves walking around the house with it on.

C'mon on, Mom!!! It's time to go to school!

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