Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Happy Baby

Marc got back today from a week-long mission trip to Tabasco, Mexico to perform cataract surgeries. While he was gone Mason and I spent some time in Nashville with my parents and my parents came to BG for a couple of days to keep us company. We went to church with my parents last Sunday and my aunt and uncle introduced him to the new awesome playground after church. He just took Uncle Steve's hand and out to the playground they went! It was so cute. I went out there and Aunt Linzett was taking pictures and they were having the best time. Mason has only really been on a big boy slide a couple of times and he has acted scared and hesitant. Well, after a couple of times down the slide with Uncle Steve, he was loving it! He was laughing so hard and his hair was flying up in the air. It was hilarious! Just a few hours later we went and got his sweet hair chopped off, so I'm glad I have these pictures. And he looks so adorable in his little outfit. I bought it at a little consignment shop here in BG called "Kiddos" for just a couple of dollars. That store is dangerous for me, so I try to stay away from it as much as possible. Ha! :)

Weeeee!! This is SO fun, Mommy!
Let's do it again!
This time he was a little more excited about goin' down the slide

Mason's great-uncle & great-auntie are taking such good care of him!

Just an extra random little pic to throw in... We went back into the church and decided to hang out on the floor of the foyer for a while with Pastor Todd! As you can see, we were the last people to leave church that day. Typical for the Myers family. :) And Pastor Todd is sooo wonderful... you don't see too many preachers playin' on the floor with the babies after church!
It's looking at pictures like these that make me realize I cannot believe this precious little child is MINE! To Marc and me, Mason is just perfect in every way and we know that God has wonderful plans for his sweet little life. He is an amazing little boy and we are just so thankful for each and every day with him.

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Pauliwog said...

thanks for your sweet comment! We do need a trip to ATL lets plan something would be the funnest! I miss you girls and I REALLY wish that we lived closer! Just think of all of the fun craft that we could do then! I am so proud of you for selling your diaper cakes! They are SOOO cute. I go and look at your business blog periodically...I wish that I could be brave and sell more of my sewing, but I am no brave at all!!...well, and right now I don;t have much time to sew! Well, love you girl...give your sweet little Mason a hug and kiss from his Auntie Paula!

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