Friday, May 29, 2009

Oh, how things are different with a little boy in the household!!!

So, last Friday I got to sleep in until about 8:30 because Mason was allowing his mommy to do so. Oh, I was so thankful for that! Lately he wants to start his day early and sits straight up in his crib all ready to go. Anyway, I wondering why in the world he was being so content in his crib that late. I heard him playing around, but he was being awfully quiet about it. Sounded pretty suspicious! So, I headed on in there not expecting in a million years what I was about to witness.

Pictured above is the blanket that he had thrown off, lying very neatly next to a very pee-filled diaper. I guess Mason opted out of wearing his diaper and decided he was through with it.

He had his little t-shirt on and bare bottom cruising all over that crib. It was the funniest thang I had ever seen. I immediately grabbed the camera AND video camera to capture these images.
He was free-willyin' it. I guess he decided that he's ready for big boy panties.
I couldn't even catch up with him cuz he was running all over! And havin' the best time laughin' and babblin' and shakin' it all around!
Oh my gosh, that is the littlest, cutest behind I have ever seen! Well, I really haven't seen too many of them, though. :)

I SO wished Marc could have seen this! Or at least anyone to witness this with me!
Let me just add, too, there are LOTS more hilarious pictures from this outburst, they just weren't very appropriate to put on the Internet. :)
Oh wait, he was having a moment here.... He was probably peeing.

My sweet, supersilly boy!! Look at his crazy hair and all those teethies!! He has SEVEN of them now!
Let me just add, even though this situation looked all fun & games, the aftermath was NOT fun! There was pee ALL over his room; all over him, the crib, the entire bedding set, etc. I had to strip the crib, and as you mommies know, that is not fun and quick to do. I don't even know how to clean the bumpers, but I gotta figure out something cuz they got peed on! :) I guess it could have been worse... he could have been doing the famous smeering-poop-all-over-his-face scene and writing all over the walls with it. Thank you. For now on, no matter how hot it is, it is my policy to NOT let him sleep without any p.j. bottoms on! It is just way too tempting to un-velcro that diaper and throw it over the crib!


Angela said...

Hilarious!! What was all that smearing poop on the walls about? Don't tell me that really happened... boys, yikes!!

Valerie said...

Too funny! So far Miss Zoe hasn't done that yet... but I'm sure it's not too far off in her future. Good luck with the bedding cleaning! I don't have any good tips, sorry.

Ashley said...

what is almost as funny is that you called them big boy "panties"

Blessed said...

I was laughing about the panty party too! Too cute and too funny!

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