Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our little stinker LOVES bath time!

These next 3 were taken this past Monday. Mason looked sooo cute with his hair all slicked down! And he even had this side burn thangs that came out of nowhere. He looked like a little man. Maybe it's just cuz I'm so used to his crazy spiked hairdo.

Examining the Burt's Bees shampoo. This is his favorite "toy" in the bathtub! He's so silly. After all those wonderful bathtime shower gifts we got!
Of course when Mommy gives him his baths, she has to do all these crazy things with his hair, like give him his infamous mohawk.

He always gets so sleepy at the end of the baths. It's like he gets his last action of the day in before he's off to bed. I'm so glad that the bath relaxes him and really helps him sleep. We use that Johnson's nighttime lotion that smells soooo good!
He loves it when I put the little hood on his head. It's like it's sudden warmth added to his cold, wet little head!

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