Thursday, May 7, 2009

We love the Nashville Sounds!!

Saturday, April 25th we took Mason to his very first baseball game! We hadn't been to a Nashville Sounds game this year, so Marc had the idea for a little fun night out on the town of watching some good ball playin'. We couldn't have picked a better night because the weather was just perfect. We invited Erik, Angela, and Cooke Peterson, and it was sweet Cooke's very first baseball game, too. Wait, is it awful though that Mason is almost one and Cooke was less than 2 months and is already getting to go to a game? Poor little son of ours, we've been holding him back from this wonderful experience! We had such a fun night hanging out with the Petersons and the boys were sooo good during the entire game. They had on their little baseball attire and looked so cute! Half of the time Cooke snuggled all up against his mommy in her Moby Wrap, but the rest of the time he perched up on his daddy's lap with a great view of the game. Marc's brother, Jonathan, who lives in Murfreesboro, also came along. Mason got so sleepy as the night went on, but did manage to keep his eyes barely open to watch the fireworks. He was in awe of them I think. No smiles, laughing, or fun time during fireworks, it was all business to him!

I love this one of my favorite boys

Mason being passed from one brother to another. Oh, and props to Marc's Aunt Bonnie for giving Mason this too cute outfit last summer! But, why is it a size 3 months and he's just now fitting into it? Thank you.

Did Angela even know what she was clapping about? All Mason was caring about was eating a pretzel, and Cooke looked completely bored. And Erik, well, I don't know...

When Angela was walking Cooke around, Mason somehow managed to steal her seat... and her Diet Coke!

He was infatuated with standing up in the seat, and turning around to check out the ladies behind us. He is such a flirt!!

One of the ladies had to grab my camera and take a picture from her view. Thank you.

Cooke staring at his daddy and modeling his cute baseball onesie.

All the commotion going on in our row

Okay, but why is Mason the same size as a 2-month old? Our poor child, I do hope he doesn't get beat up in high school!

BUT, someone does have the longest little legs I've ever seen in my life!

Marc & Erik being wonderful examples for our sons by cracking up hysterically about the fight going on on the field between a manager & the umpire

We loved the firework display! The Sounds have always done great fireworks; something I always looked forward to during the summers growing up A moment with Mommy
Oh, so sleepy... okay, so maybe we were forcing our son to watch and enjoy the fireworks!
Worn out after his big night with his friend, Cooke. Can't wait for our next game!

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