Saturday, May 9, 2009

Fun at the Waffle House

So, on April 4th we discovered another one of Mason's favorite things: Waffles! My dad and I had to take my car in to get it worked on before we left for D.C. a couple of days later, so we went over to Waffle House in Brentwood to eat while waiting to pick up my car. Little did we know what an experience that would be! As soon as the waitress walked up, she said to me, "Want me to go ahead and get his waffle started"? as she quickly glanced over to Mason. I was the most confused! We were just gonna perch him up and give him a bottle or baby food, I had no idea he would leave there with a belly full of waffles! So, I hesitated and told her I didn't know if he was quite ready for that and I needed a minute to think about. I ended up giving him the waffle that came with my meal just to see what he would do. I'm just kinda scared of giving him table foods that I haven't discussed with the doctor because he's been allergic to cow's milk and you never know what all milk is in. But, we risked it and he didn't break out in his typical rash, so I'm guessing it was fine. As soon as Mason took the first bite, he said "Mmmmmm!!" That's his new favorite little word. He was so good at breaking off little tiny bites one at a time and feeding himself. We were so impressed! Of course, he had the attention of the entire restaurant and it was a pretty busy Saturday morning. Gary Waller, one of the elders at our church, even came in to eat by himself and sat at the table next to us. So, my dad and I got to chat with him the whole time while Mason was in his own little waffle world. Mason ate half of the waffle, and we didn't even think he could eat that much. He was so happy!

So, we went back for Round #2 a couple of Saturdays later with my mom. I wish we could do this every Saturday! Too bad Marc hasn't gotten to see it yet, he had to work both times. This next visit, Mason at the ENTIRE waffle all by himself! We even went as far to let him try some grits. That one didn't go over as well; Mason started his rash by the 2nd bite. I guess they had a lot of milk in them. But, he still doesn't have a problem with waffles!

I'm SO glad my baby LOVES him some waffles at the Waffle House cuz there really aren't too many people I know (besides my parents) who's faces light up as much as mine when the words are even spoken!

Hmm... What is this thang? I don't know, but as long as it's edible I'm pretty sure I'll like it!

Poppa Jack helped a little bit at first to show Mason how big of a bites he needed to take. At first, Mason was wanting to grab off huge chunks. He finally got the hang of it and chewed very carefully.

We quickly took the huge tub of butter away!

2nd visit: A couple of weeks later we went back with Nana Kay so that she could see Mason's love for Waffle House first-hand.

Reading the menu trying to decide what he wanted. Here he is consulting with his Poppa Jack to see what he was getting.

Oh yum, I think this one tastes even better than the last one! Wait, Poppa Jack, please don't steal pieces of my waffle!

Please, Mommy, I'm on a roll! I can't stop now and take pictures!
Good til the last bite!
Trying out the fun bar stools. He was so happy just sitting there watching the waitresses clean up our big mess. I guess cuz he had a VERY full tummy!
Oh yay! The sweet lady brought us out some cool Waffle House hats! Well, actually, Mason was just about to jerk it off his head as quickly as he could! He HATES things on his head & face! Miss those little baby days when he would let us do whatever we wanted to him.

Finally, I got that thang off my head! Now I can relax.


Mandy said...

Cute post! Waffle House is one of my boys' favorite restaurants too! :) It is an easy place to take them. Hope Mason has a great first birthday!

Blessed said...

Cute cute cute!

I haven't taken C to Waffle house, but he LOVES waffles at home. He wakes up almost every morning asking for "wapples"

I love Mason's little shoes!

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