Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Thirty & Flirty on Mother's Day!

My birthday was extra special this year! First of all, we made a Mommy's birthday sandwich, with Mason's b-day party being the day before my birthday, and his actual birthday being the day after! :) I turned 30, which you would think would be pretty significant, but for the first time ever I actually didn't care too much about my birthday. It really is different now that I'm a mom. I've been so into planning Mason's birthday bash and the fact that he's turning one, that my b-day was almost lost in the shuffle. It ended up being a wonderful one! All the fun started on Friday. Marc's mom was here for a few days keeping Mason so that I could run errands to get ready for his party and to help take care of all of us since Mason, Marc, and I were ALL sick at some point last week. I went to Rose's Nails at Cool Springs Galleria on Friday and treated myself to a pedicure & manicure. It was soooo relaxing!!! I hadn't touched my nails since pre-Mason and I couldn't even tell you the last time I got a mani & pedi. It was the best gift ever, I highly recommend it to all you ladies! It was so funny in that Asian salon with all these little kids running around in the back and I could barely look at how dirty the floors & walls were, but all these women were perched up in those chairs getting their pedicures, reading the "People" magazine, and talking on their cells. And I was one of them! Hee hee! It reminded me of a scene from Laguna Beach, one of my all-time favorite tv shows! :) Here are my pretty feet & hands (and do not even start to say something about my hammer toes... toes that curl under and I can pick things up with them.... it's a genetic thing from the Myers'!)

Marc surprised me Friday night right before we went to bed. My actual b-day was Sunday but he wanted to go ahead and give me a special present that Mason made me so that we could take it to the party Saturday and show it off. My 2 boys made me a book on Shutterfly! Apparently Marc had been working weeks on it, and I had no clue! I don't know how he pulled that one off with me pretty much being home every time he is home. He kept calling it his "project" that he was working on, but I thought it was something for work. Anyway, it is absolutely beautiful. I have looked at it a thousand times since he gave it to me. It is written's from Mason's point of view starting with the day of his birth. There are all these little stories from Mason's first year of life and it's so fun reading them all. I was so proud of Marc for coming up with this idea. I made him one for his birthday in November, capturing the first 6 months of Mason's life, so Marc "paid it forward" by making one for me of Mason's first 12 months. It's the best birthday gift I ever received!! Mason was just a little sleepy & cranky while "presenting" me my gift, unless he's mad that he had to make his Mommy a special book!?!??!
Also, it seemed that every fifth present I opened at Mason's party was for me! I didn't expect people at all to bring gifts for ME to the party, so I was completely surprised. I got lots of fun things, like some pretty shirts from my parents, a Whitfield's Restaurant gift card from my brother & sis-in-law, a yummy-smelling Yankee candle from Marc's Aunt Judy, some Bath & Body Works from Marc's Aunt Bonnie, and a sweet card from my MaMaw Myers.
On Sunday, we ate at Longhorn's after church with my parents to celebrate Mother's Day & my birthday. We usually don't eat out unless we have a coupon, but Marc said we could treat ourselves since it was my special day. I was soooo excited cuz that is one of my favorite restaurants! I love their Salmon Ceasar Salad and loaded Sweet Potatoes. We received an extra special treat since Longhorn's was giving out a beautiful long-stemmed flower & a $10 gift card to all mommies on that day!!! Also, the waiter brought us free ice cream sundaes to celebrate my Dad's b-day (May 6), my b-day (May 10), and Mason's (May 11). My parents said that they have a special birthday present for me, but it wasn't ready to give me yet since they're "fixing it up." Hmm.... I wonder what in the world that could be? A few weeks ago my mom, Andrea, and I went and got make-overs at Bare Essentials and my mom bought me the box that has eyeshadows, eyeliner, blush, and lip gloss as an early b-day present. I love that make-up!! Back to Sunday afternoon at Longhorn's...

So Daddy decided to put Mason down and let him feel the grass... Of course on a day when he's wearing white linen pants! We picked him up and he had the biggest grass stains on them. Thank you. That's why I buy my baby's clothes at consignment sales!
Eating our yummy birthday desserts... wait, why did Marc get one? Did he give birth or was he born himself on this day? Hee hee!


My son's pants falling off

So, Marc, Mason and I came home from lunch and took naps and then headed off to Life Group... where I was completely blown away by a surprise birthday cake!!! I don't know how in the world I did not find out about that one because I kept going back into the kitchen to throw things away and help them clean up, where they were trying to pull the cake out of the fridge and light the candles. They kept trying to get me out of the kitchen, but it didn't matter cuz I was completely oblivious to the fact that there was a birthday cake in there for ME! Brooklyn Jent and Mason especially enjoyed the yummy chocolate birthday cake. It was such a fun night!

We were completely exhausted after our crazy busy weekend and went home to just sit down and relax. Poor Mason, he was pooped! Oh, he presented me with a Mother's Day card, and he signed his name himself! And he wrote in ALL CAPS! I guess now that he's one he can write them, but last year he was just alive on Mother's day for 5 hours and 37 minutes so he hadn't quite mastered his writing skills. Hee hee!
More pics from our fun day, beginning with my son somehow managing to stand up on his little rocking chair as a stool to help him get into stuff on Daddy's nightstand! All this happening while I'm running around trying to get myself ready for church!
I tried to get Mason in the mood to celebrate his mommy's b-day, but he was not havin' it!!
Of course I have to included pics from Mason's little class on Mother's Day & my b-day! We had to miss last week since Mason was sick, so he was raring to go!

After church... Angela and I with our sweet boys, Mason & Cooke. Check out Cooke's sweet bonnet!! Hmm... I wonder what Mason would do about that on his head??
"Uncle" Will with his mini-me (Will dressed as the High School Musical dude one year for Trunk or Treat, so that's what Mason's little outfit reminds me of!)
Melissa, Mason, & Will
So, that's the rundown of me turning 30. Wooo, what a busy weekend we had celebrating everything under the moon!! Now it's time for rest in the Moore family... oh wait, never mind, now we gotta get Marc graduated from residency and pack up our entire house and move to Bowling Green this summer! I'm so tired already just thinking about it! Oh, the wonderful adventures of the Moore family! :)


andreabrosto said...

I just had the most fun reading that post! Here are my thoughts about it: Your hair looks really good in those pics! I love Mason's church outfit--I think I was with you when you got! I love Mason's handwriting--I think he can skip Kindergarten and go straight to 1st grade with him being able to write his name and all! :) Can't wait to see the book marc made! And I love the pic of Mason with the birthday hat on--we really should have taken a pic of him when he was at my house! Oh, and Happy 30th birthday!!

Blessed said...

Happy 30th! I like your hair too! And, your nails.

I finally got my nails done on Saturday too! I had a gift card dated Feb 07 and FINALLY used it. Thank you. Think my nails needed it? :)

Valerie said...

Happy birthday! Welcome to the 30s club :o)
This was a great post. Love all the pics!
Tearing up here thinking about your sweet hubby creating that book for you. Such a sweet gift.
I'll be glad to help you pack up for BG!

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