Monday, May 11, 2009

Oh Mason Thomas, I cannot believe you are ONE today!!!

Dear Mason Thomas,

One year ago today I was holding you in my arms after a very challenging day of bringing you into this world. I would do it again and again if it meant bringing a precious angel like you home. Mommy and Daddy love you sooooo much and wouldn't trade a second of the 2 years it took to get you here! I knew that God would bring us our miracle someday, but we just had to wait a little bit longer than we thought. I will never, ever forget the day you were born. I turned 29 years old the day before and I went to sleep that night having a feeling that the next day would be my first official Mother's Day. Sure enough, my 7 pound, 20 inch-long Mother's Day gift arrived at 6:23 pm! The waiting room was full of people who loved you so much already waiting for you to get here! Noone could believe when we first saw your little face how much you looked like your Daddy! Even your Daddy was saying, "Look at him! He looks just like me!" And he never knows who babies look like! We came home from the hospital 3 days later and you were at your Uncle Jody & Aunt Christy's wedding when you were just 6 days old watching Mommy from a houseboat walk down the aisle in her very big maternity dress that had to be all pinned up to fit her! The very week you were born, your crazy adventures begain! We had so many visitors coming and going from our house all summer long to come see what all the fuss was about. Mason Thomas had arrived, look out world!

You have been the happiest, calmest, most easy-going baby and we are so thankful for that. Everyone you meet says how blessed we are to have a baby like you. And we definitely know that and thank God for that every single day! We don't take one second with you for granted. You love being with everybody and are the life of the party. You love to travel and have so much fun in your carseat entertaining yourself. We're so grateful for that cuz your Mommy & Daddy sure do love to have new adventures! We have watched you grow into a tall, strong little boy and you are getting so handsome! With your blonde hair and blue eyes, I'm secretly happy that you're finally starting to look like me and my side of the family! :) However, you will always be Daddy's little boy. You get the biggest grin across your face and flail your arms and legs wildly the second Daddy gets home from work every single day. As you have gotten older, I find myself out of breath sometimes chasing you all over the house! You started crawling at 9 months old and have not stopped since. Your little legs are so fast and scoot across the floor before I even realize that you're in the kitchen eating out of Trixie's dog bowl! I can't imagine what it's going to be like when you start walking! You are the biggest stinker and I've been told you're gonna be a hyperactive one, but that's okay cuz what can we expect from your momma's child?!??!

As I lay you in your crib earlier tonight, exhausted from your very busy weekend of celebrating with so many friends & our wonderful family, I had a hard time taking my eyes off of you and walking out of the room. I wanted to rock you in my arms all night long, singing "I Love You With the Love of the Lord" and rubbing your cheek; your favorite things. I want to freeze this moment in time, but yet at the same time, I'm so thankful that you're growing so healthy and turning into this amazing little boy. You will always be my baby, but I also pray that you know Jesus and become that wonderful Christian man that your Daddy is. Our lives were not complete until we became your parents and now I truly understand the depth of a mother's love. There is nothing like it. I pray that I will be the best mother I can possibly be and that I show you Jesus' love each and every day.

I love you, sweet boy, my May-May.

Hugs & kisses forever (yes, even when you're 21!)


Sweet boy, Mommy & Daddy hope you loved your 1st Birthday Party! We had it at Edwin Warner Park Shelther #10. The forecast called for horrible rain all day long, but Mommy said a prayer and Jesus brought the sunshine and beautiful blue sky just in time for your special day! There were over 65 friends and family there to celebrate with you and watch you be completely confused by that sugary piece of food we brought out in front of you covered with bright blue frosting, sprinkles, and a #1. You were especially confused by the fire on top of the 1! You didn't really seem to love your first taste of sweets, so I guess you get that from your momma. You also were just a little bit irritated by the idea of wearing a hat. Auntie Andrea worked so hard making you your special hat and bib, and Mommy worked hard on your sweet outfit and birthday banner. We had so much fun making these special projects for you! We ate yummy BBQ, blew bubbles, played on the swingset, opened lots of presents (mostly books & toys, our party guests knew you all too well!), and took lots of pictures. We had people drive in from all over the U.S., including Indiana and Kentucky! :) Mason Thomas, you are so loved! We are looking forward to celebrating many more fun birthdays with our sweet little stinker!


Blessed said...

Happy Birthday, Mason. We wish we could have been there to celebrate with you. You are a sweet little boy. It looks like you had a super fun party with tons of friends. You are loved.

I love the theme, the colors, everything. April, you outdid yourself!

Angela said...

Happy Birthday sweet boy! We love you!

Jenny Beth said...

Happy Happy 1st Birthday to sweet Mason!! Looks like the party was so fun and so special, wow how a year is so fast!! He is precious!!

andreabrosto said...

Happy Birthday Maymay!! I really can't believe you're a year old either! It flew by! And I've loved spending so much time with you!

The Kinards said...

Happy Birthday Mason! April, you had me in tears after reading your letter to Mason. I know how you feel about wanting to hold on to them being little. It is so bitter sweet! I can't believe Marissa will be a year in about 5 weeks!! God is so good though and I have enjoyed every minute with her. Did you see that blog book link I sent you?

Carolyn said...

Whata sweet post and a special celebration of this sweet boy. Is it just me or is he really tall already? He looks like he is a tall guy. So happy to read your thoughts about your love and thankfulness for Mason. Praise God!

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