Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Mason & His Walking Buddies

Mason LOVES being in his stroller and going on lots of walks! We're so thankful to have so many wonderful friends who bring their babies over to go on walks, or who meet us at the park. I can tell that Mason really loves the wind blowing on his face and it's so cute to watch his little crazy hair blowin' away in the wind. His favorite, though, is when our pit bull, Trixie, goes on walks with us. She just prances along right next to him like she's protecting him. And Mason just stares at her the entire time. It's so sweet. But, when we go on walks with little buddies, Trixie isn't allowed.
Here are pics from our very first walk ever on May 20, 2008 with our 9-day old baby boy!

Oh my, I don't even remember him being this tiny all down in his car seat!! He still does not even care about that monkey.

Here are a few of Mason's walking playdates from the Spring:

Mason & Mary Harris... Back in March, my sister-in-law, Christy, came and watched Mason a few days while I was taking my sewing class. Her best friend would come over with her adorable & extra chunky precious baby girl, Mary Harris. M.H.'s mommy and I were both pregnant in Jody & Christy's wedding! M.H. is a couple of months younger than Mason and is twice his size. Thank you. I wish I could have been there for their playdates! Christy said it was HILARIOUS to see the two of them interact. I had to leave her my camera for her to take lots of pictures.

Walking through Granbery Elementary School park with Angela, Andrea, and their sweet boys Cooke & Luke. They were just 1 & 2 months old and already out and about enjoying the beautiful sunshine with their big boy friend Mason!
Luke & Mason: BFFs; Walking Partners for Life
Of course, Poppa Jack had to come get in on the action! He takes Mason on strolls sometimes while I get stuff done in the house. What a HUGE blessing!!!! And Mason doesn't complain a bit. :) Actually, this day they also hit a neighborhood garage sale. Thank you.
Granny White Park - April 23
Angela, Cooke, Andrea, & Luke resting on the swing while Mason & I played on the playground after our big walk
Mason's very FIRST time to swing!! He was very confused at first, but once he warmed up he was having the best time. Here he is swinging with his friend, Siena. We ran into her and her mommy, Kelly, that day at the park and were the most excited to see them!
A sweet boy in his sun hat
That's the happy Mason Thomas I know and love!!!

Siena's mommy, Kelly, in the pink shirt... Andrea came over so that Lukie could check out the situation

That's all for now! Hopefully during our last few weeks in Nashville we can go on lots more walks with our good friends! Thank you, God, for this beautiful weather to enjoy with our beautiful babies!

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