Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Big One-Year Check-Up

On Wednesday, May 13th my dad and I were off to see Dr. Hain for Mason's one-year check-up. I tried to get the appointment on his actual birthday, May 11th, since Marc was off work that day and we could all go together, but they said that due to insurance reasons you have to wait until AFTER the actual birthday. Isn't that crazy!??! Anyway, It's bittersweet because this was our last visit with Dr. Hain since we will be moving in July and his next appointment isn't supposed to be until 15 months. I'm so sad to have to start all over finding a new pediatrician in Bowling Green since we love Dr. Hain so much. Plus, I'm just bonded to her every time I see her knowing that she was the one who bounced into our hospital room at 7:30 am to see Mason the morning after me giving birth.

We were so excited this day to find out Mason's weight! There was a big bet going on and I even had people guessing on Facebook what it would be. Guesses started at about 14 pounds (since Mason weighed 14 lbs, 13 oz at 10 months) but nothing went up to as high as what the actual weight was! :) Mason weighs 16 lbs, 14 oz!! YAY for our big boy! Not quite big enough yet to turn his car seat around, still have a while to go on that one. :) But, Dr. Hain still isn't concerned and says that Mason is as healthy as ever. He's still lean and tall. He is 30 1/2 inches long. The only issues we're really having are dealing with Mason's food allergies. He breaks out to the randomest things, so we're going to see Dr. Hain's pediatric allergist friend, Keegan Smith, at Heritage Group at Baptist next Wednesday. Oh, I hope they won't have to prick his little arm and give shots and all of that! It'll be interesting to see what all we have to do at that visit. Any advice on this? Mason breaks out in a rash for just a minute and as soon as we stop feeding him the item, it all goes away. So, at least the reaction isn't terrible and he doesn't act like he's sick. It's just enough to let Mommy & Daddy know that his little tummy can't handle it.

Mason's food/drink allergies: apple juice, deviled eggs, tomato sauce, cheese, milk

And of course this visit ended with the dreaded shots! The nurse warned that the last shot would produce a different kind of scream than the other shots, one that would break a momma's heart. And sure enough it did! Mason did one of those hold-your-breath and then let out a blood-curdling strange sound deals. It was so sad, but he got over it one second later as soon as I started feeding him Little Puffs. That stinker! He did develop a fever later that night and wasn't feeling well at all, but nothing a little infant Tylenol couldn't help! Here are some pics from the one-year check-up. Maybe my dad can drive the hour and 10 minutes and come up to BG for all of our dr. visits so that we can carry on the tradition! :) We have been soooo blessed these 4 years to live so close to my parents. They have helped us so much and have gotten involved in all of our random dramas!

Mason has had two nicknames there: "Every Nine Mason" when he was a newborn, for the fact that he pooped every 9 days only; and "Ab Crunch Baby" for the fact that he never just lays down and relaxes on the scale. He's always doing some stomach crunches and has the entire staff laughing hysterically. Now he just sits up on the scale and chillaxes butt-naked like it ain't no thing.
Mason is all-eyes on Dr. Hain when she sings to him. It is the most soothing, relaxing thing. He wasn't even bothered by the fact she was poking & proding. She is sooo wonderful with these babies!
He loves her
Let the shots begin.... that mean nurse!
Poppa Jack, it hurts so bad! Why did that woman do that to me?? Get me outta here!!!!


andreabrosto said...

Sweet mason! That's the same nurse that gave Luke his shots--she's really quick! I'm not looking forward to more shots next week... I hope you find a doct. in BG as good as Dr. Hain!

Tamara said...

Way to go big boy!! He's bigger than my tiny one was at a year so he's doing good!!

On the allergy appointment I can't say exactly what they will do but when Presley went for the first time they did the back pricks with particular allergens that you have noticed. We only did 5 on that first visit. The allergist didn't want to do too many more than that on her little back.

When we went back for her 2 year allergy appointment I requested the RAST test which is where they actually draw blood and are able to test about 5 items per vial of blood.

GOOD LUCK and call me if you have any questions! I'm happy to help!!

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