Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Andrea's Baby Shower

Some friends and I hosted a shower for Andrea and Baby Luke on January 10th, just a few weeks before he was born. It was the cutest thang ever! We decorated using a circus theme to go along with Andrea's bedding. The dress-me-up-plate said "Welcome to Luke's Circus!" It actually still says that as it sits in my kitchen. :) With all of the excitement with Luke getting here, I realize I never did this post. Thanks Carrie Portis, Brooke Akin, Stacy Shotwell, Jennifer Campbell, and Tara Manis for all your help with the hosting! :) Andrea was blessed with so many extra special gifts that night. We have so many friends who are super talented and made Luke the sweetest little things! She also received sooo many practical, very-much needed items that she really appreciated. She went home with just about everything she needed for Baby Luke's arrival. We're so blessed to have the most wonderful friends in the entire world! What a wonderful night that was just being together and catching up!

My cousin Steph and me showing off the super cute party favors

Check out the super cute frames Carrie made for Andrea! They look so cute now in Luke's nursery. Check out Carrie's frame blog, listed with all my friends' blog businesses!

I loved the food table! It was so bright and full of fun colors! Carrie ordered these cupcakes and the cookies on a stick from her "cupcake lady" in Memhis. They turned out the cutest!

Sweet outfit made by Melia & her mom

Smocked outfit from Carrie

I got her this cute outfit that makes me want to be on the beach right now watching Mason and Luke build sandcastles!

The most serious discussions going on with our high school friends and their moms about all of Paula's creations! She busted out and made Andrea & Luke all these cute new items that we didn't even know Paula could do! Check out her blog in my list of blogs - Pauliwog's!

Me, Andrea, and Melissa Logue.. she's expecting Madilee in May! :)

Our high school friends, along with Christy's little girl, Ana, and my Mason... wait, it looks like Mason's cheek is being poked! Thank you. Aww, he looks kinda sad about it.

Some girls in this group have been friends since they were 4 years old or something, but they've been my best friends since 7th grade. Love them to pieces!!!

Jennifer Bess and me

Andrea with us hostesses! We're missing Stacy, though!

Me, Andrea, and Melia

Paula & Melia... these girls were best friends in middle school and they were inseparable from Andrea and me! We have lots of very interesting, fun memories! : )

Jennifer Griffin Miller, Andrea, and me

Andrea's dad, Kenneth, showed up to put an end to all the craziness! Hee hee! Mason was so relieved to see another boy in the room! Mason was mesmerized by Mr. Kenneth... Maybe he thought he was his Poppa Jack??

Andrea with Kenneth, Carolyn, and Heather, Andrea's sis-in-law! I just love her and am so glad she married our Tim!!

Before we took our first bites of the cookies on the sticks... We had been waiting the whole night! Oh and they were SO yummy!! We didn't want to eat them though cuz they were so pretty!

The favors... I would have to say, I'm pretty proud of the idea I came up with!! We put together little baggies on animal crackers and our friend, Lisha, (also see her blog - SWAK Notes - on my list of blogs!), came up with these cute little notecards we attached! They had a cute little saying about circus animals that went along with our theme perfectly! AND they made a kinda healthy little snack!

Paula and Mason checking out the diaper cake that the women of my family (Aunt Linny, Steph, Erica, and my mom) and I had specially made for Andrea & Baby Luke. It was the cutest thang ever! Andrea still can't take it apart cuz it matches the nursery so perfectly but I hope she does soon cuz it has the cutest burp cloths ever attached to it!

Thank you, Stacy, for putting together the lovely clothes line of sweet little gifts for Luke!

Brooke, Andrea, and me

After our party, the boys came back with Colt... Mason was the only one of all the boys who was "allowed" to stay with us. :) Here is Colt and Mason doin' some serious smoochin'... Hmm... is this even right? Their dads were kinda concerned!

Andrea giving us some hostess gifts... The hostesses kept mysteriously dissappearing as the night went on, so we were just left with 3 at the end. :)


Shane, Natalie, & Madelyn said...

What a cute shower! Too many neat ideas!

Blessed said...

I like the pics of us with the cookies! I don't have that picture. Can you send it to me?

see you soon.

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