Monday, February 9, 2009

Christmas Day with Mason's grandparents!

What a wonderful Christmas day we had with our big 7 1/2 month old little boy and his grandparents!!

We had a different kind of Christmas Day this year. Since Marc and I have gotten married, we haven't really had a set tradition with us living in different places and our families making different plans each year. This Christmas we decided to invite our parents to OUR house for once so that we didn't have to travel all over with Mason. We had a very special gift to give to our parents, so this was the perfect way to do it! We had a very relaxing day at home just enjoying Mason playing with his gifts and looking at the tree, and our parents oohing and aahing over their special gifts. We ate a bunch of yummy leftovers from our huge Christmas Eve meal so that was nice that we didn't have to spend the day cooking.

That evening, we ventured out on Mason's very first visit to the Opryland Hotel with Marc's parents. I had been dying to go the entire holiday season but we couldn't work it out to go, so I was especially excited! We put Mason in his stroller WITHOUT his car seat for the very first time so we had the best time watching him stroll through the hotel being about to face out to see everything. It made Marc and me sad though, that he's no longer a little baby! To make it even more emotional, Marc thought it was time for us to attempt to let Mason sit in a highchair in a restaurant instead of in his car seat in a sling. I didn't think he was quite ready cuz he kept sliding down in his seat and did not look very comfortable. It's Marc's job to sit next to him and keep his eye on him and it's my job to pick up all the toys that he throws all over the place so that they don't get dirty. Thank you. That's me, always worried about germs! T.G.I. Friday's in Opry Mills was the only restaurant we could find open in that area, so we settled in for a yummy meal. We were so starving by that point so we all loved everything we ate! We were the most excited family! And of course all the waiters became best friends with us because they were mesmerized by Mason. He was keeping the whole restaurant entertained!

Christmas morning started with Daddy & son studying in bed! Mason wanted to be just like his daddy, so I had to give him a book to read.

Oh, Mason had to peep over to get a glance of what Daddy was reading! A little more challenging stuff than the content in Mason's snowy bear book! :)

The grandmas acting like they had never seen a baby eat food before! They were feeding Mason his scrumptious Christmas lunch of sweet peas and carrots. Yum!

Mason loves his Rudolph that his Great-MaMaw Myers had given him the night before! He still plays with it today! It busts out in the loudest "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer" song you will ever hear! It takes Mason by surprise at first but then he starts flailing his arms all around and yelling in song.

Showing off on his first little tricycle given to him by Marc's grandparents, Nanny & Granddad

Let the pranks begin! So, Marc's brother was sacked out in the middle of it all and my dad thought it would be hilarious to cover him with newspapers and say that he looked like a homeless person. Thank you.

Jonathan had no clue! Oh, and then my dad had to put the Jack in the Box cup next to him like he was giving him something to drink.

And then the homeless person woke up!! At least he thought it was hilarious, too! He was so out of it at first and confused as to where he was.

Time to present Mason's grandparents with a special gift from Mason! We spent hours on putting these books together for each set of grandparents. They were "from" Mason and were full of stories and pictures from Mason's birth all the way up to some Christmas festivities. I was so happy with the way the books turned out and they really do tell a great story of Mason & his grandparents. I know this will be something they will treasure always. I wish I could have made one for myself, but we would have gone broke! Hint, hint! Someone, please make one of these for me for Mother's Day! :)

Love this one! Mason is so enthralled by his Daddy! He always loves to touch his face.

Snuggling with the soft blankie that my cousin Ginger gave us at one of my baby showers. Mason looks like the sweetest baby boy here! He never just sucks his thumb, but he felt the need to at that moment.

Showing Grandy C the "Learning Puppy" that his Uncle Jody and Aunt Christy had given him for Christmas. It's the sweetest thang, you touch all these different body parts and it sings songs about those parts and also says "I love you!" and "You're wonderful!" and other random things. Mason loves it so much!

Paw T and Nana K still checking out their
Shutterfly books

In his big boy outfit on the way to the Opryland Hotel

The first official Moore family picture taken at the Opryland Hotel. There will be many more of these to come! Aww, look at our big boy all sitting facefront in his stroller!

In the highchair at T.G.I. Friday's... We had to cushion the chair and keep him from sliding al around by putting his blanket behind him

We were so blessed to be able to spend this past Christmas with our beautiful Mason Thomas! He has really added that extra special touch to our family!

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andreabrosto said...

Okay that is really funny what your dad did to Jonathan--and so random! May-may looks like the biggest little boy in some of those pics! Hurry up and get him over here to meet Luke!

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