Monday, February 9, 2009

Myers Family Christmas

It is my dad's side of the family's tradition to do Christmas Eve together every year. Every year of my life pretty much we have done this. A different person hosts every year. It was Marc's and my turn this year. I love having everyone over! This year was a little bit different with the first little one that has been in our family since I was the baby! I have always been the youngest but now Mason has stolen my spot. :) Hee hee! We each draw a person's name and buy a gift for that person. It's always fun the couple of months before Christmas trying to figure out who has our name. We send out sneaky emails trying to figure out everyone's wish lists. Enjoy the pics! My family always knows how to provide the entertainment! :)

My wonderful family... Christy & Jody (my brother & sis-in-law), my parents, Mason, me, Marc

Mason sitting on my MaMaw Myers' lap and trying to figure out his new shoes from Mommy... "Hmm... I think I like these!!" is I'm sure what he was thinking! :)

He looked so peaceful sitting on his Great-MaMaw's lap in his new shoes!

Mason checking out his new piano from his Nana K (my mom)
Oh, the highlight of Marc's and my night was when we opened our gifts from the people who drew our names... my sis-in-law Christy had my name and Uncle Mark had Marc's name... They got us EXACTLY what we had asked for! Our guilty pleasures, One Tree Hill & Scrubs! Hee hee! We spent the rest of the holidays watching them!

Mason still cuddling with MaMaw & his new stuffed monkey friend from his Uncle Jody & Aunt Christy
Oh, I LOVE this one!! Mason just looked so cozy in his Uncle Jody's arms!
My whole family went in together to give MaMaw a special gift this year... Back in October we had a family photoshoot taken and we got our faves enlarged and framed for her to open at Christmas. She was in complete shock like she had forgotten about the photoshoot and she was explaining to all of us... "Remember that day when we all got together and got our picture taken?".... It was hilarious.
My dad so excited about his new blender

I had my Aunt Linzett's name and I had my friend, Heather (Piddle's Paints) handpaint her a canvas for her dining room. It turned out so beautiful! I think my Aunt Linny was happy with her gift. :)
I don't know.... My Uncle Mark & Aunt Karen (my dad's brother)... For some reason my family is obsessed with tying bows on our heads. Every Christmas there are some silly pictures of someone modeling their bow from their gift.
Mason stealing the show! We perched him right up in the middle of the living room with his little "present-opening station". He had the most fun unwrapping his one million gifts!
Mason opening his gift from my cousin, Erica... It was the cutest snowman plate, spoon, fork, & sippy cup! He loves it!

My brother Jody & sis-in-law Christy spending time with their nephew
The last picture of the night... It was late and we were all delirious and Aunt Karen just perched herself right up on the couch. It was the funniest thang I had ever seen! She looked like one of those wooden toys or something! Wait, maybe that's not a good way of explaining it... But anyway, it was silly!

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