Monday, February 9, 2009

John, Jamie, & Baby Audrey Visit!

Marc and I were so excited to have the Burgess family come stay with us for a few days over the holidays! John and Jamie are some of our dear friends, and they had their first baby on September 9th. It'll be fun to raise our babies together, just 4 months apart! They usually join us for our traditional New Year's Eve parties, but this time it didn't work out for them to come until a couple of days after New Year's. They were able to get here in time though to enjoy our yummy friends' dinner at the Herndons'! (See my New Year's post about that special dinner. :) ) Here's the story of this special couple:

John and Marc grew up togther in Morganfield, KY just a couple of houses apart since they were babies. John, or "Captain Darkneck" as we call him, has played a very special role in Marc's and my "journey." The first day Marc and I met, it was because of John's boat! Marc had invited Johnathan Akin and Andrea to go up to Eddyville, KY with him to go out on the boat, and Andrea didn't want to be the only girl so she invited me. We had just finished our sophomore year of college, so I had just come home from Depauw that week to spend the summer at home with my parents in Nashville. So, Andrea, Marc, Johnathan, and I ventured up to Eddyville in May 1999. We had the BEST day together, laughing and just having the most fun. I knew right away (even though I was dating someone at the time!) that Marc was perfect for me. I knew he was the kind of guy that I had been praying for for a long time, but that I didn't think actually existed. That was the day that the nickname "Captain Darkneck" was invented, by me. Thank you. :) Fast-forwarding 3 1/2 years later, Marc asked me to marry him on that boat! A couple of years after that once Marc and I were married and settled in Louisville for Marc's med school and my grad school, we met Jamie. She started visiting our church and I knew the second I started talking to her that she and John would marry someday. It's one of those HUGE God things! They had so much in common, like their love for old cars and boating. Unfortunately, John had a girlfriend at the time. However, about a year later after that relationship ended, we finally got to introduce John and Jamie. What started off as a friendship between the two of them quickly grew into a "forever love" (ha ha!) as Marc and I were excitedly cheering them on! About a year after their first date, they got married! Marc and I were sooo excited that the woman John was marrying was one of our good friends, and of course that we were the ones to get them together. :) So, now Jamie will forever be our "sister-in-law".

So, here we are now, 2 1/2 years after John and Jamie's wedding day, all grown up and being parents to these precious babies! Mason and Audrey really didn't know what to think about each other... Mason confused as to who this little person was sleeping in his bed, and Audrey confused as to who this long, skinny thang was trying to hold her hand! They did love watching Mason's new Baby Einstein dvd together though! It was Mason's Christmas present from Audrey. :) We also spent a day running errands in Cool Springs going to stores that they don't have in Morganfield, KY. We went to the Whole Foods Market, Home Depot, and Starbuck's. Yum! Audrey was a little jealous that Mason got to ride close to me in his Baby Bjorn while we were shopping, so we had to give her a turn! She was so light and tiny compared to Mason! We had a wonderful time with them and we hope they can come visit more often! Now that we're getting old, we don't get to hang out as much and have our crazy adventures, so when we do get to see them we always have so much to catch up on. We love you, Burgess family!

Chillin' in Mason's nursery... He could have at least shared his bear with Audrey!

My son trying to make his move! Audrey was playing dumb, though. :)

That's my boy! Oh wait, you're not supposed to make the girls cry, though!

Hanging out in the living room watching Baby Einstein... They were SO into it!

Hmm.... When they're 14 I don't think we're going to let them do this!

Audrey taking a nap in Mason's crib... Before she was born, Mason slept in Audrey's crib when we were in Morganfield for their baby shower. Another thing they're not allowed to do when they're older... try out each other's beds!
Sweet boy getting a peek at the Sleeping Beauty!
Hmm... not too happy on his ride to Cool Springs
Daddy spoiling his son rotten by giving him some yummy, unhealthy, Texas Roadhouse bread
Jamie, Audrey, and John
Huh?? Where did these girlies come from? Aunt Linny had something to give me and she, Steph, & Erica happened to be in the area, so they stopped by to see us. It was good, cuz they got to meet baby Audrey AND love on Mason!
Getting some sugar from Cousin Erica
Mason is honking Cousin Steph's nose! This picture is HILARIOUS! But wait, she's giving him the biggest wedgie! Owie!

At the Whole Foods Market... I'm holding these special organic, all natural teething biscuit thangs that we tried for Mason. Didn't work! He choked the first second he put one in his mouth. We'll try again soon.
In the Home Depot parking lot... Well, we were saying our goodbyes but then decided we weren't ready to part ways yet, so we met up a few minutes later at Starbuck's!
We miss y'all, John, Jamie, and Baby Audrey! Please come back soon, bearing some more Baby Einstein DVD's! Hee hee!

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