Wednesday, February 18, 2009

A Visit from My Favorite Girls!!

We had a very fun-filled few days last week! One of my best friends from my Louisville years, Danyelle, came to visit for a few days with her 5-month old baby girl, Audrey Kate. We had been planning this visit for weeks but it kept getting put off with different things happening, so Mason and I were so excited when they finally got to come!

Danyelle, the babies, and I went all over Nashville while they were here. I introduced Danyelle to the Sweet Tea Diner in the little shopping center area of the new Lowe's/old Wal-Mart at the Nolensville Rd. & Old Hickory Blvd. intersection. We also got to go see Andrea, Cory, & Baby Luke so the babies could "play." That was actually the first time that Mason got to meet Luke since we had been keeping him away due to his fever. The next day we went to Franklin to go to Once Upon A Child and the big Goody's close-out sale. I have been telling Danyelle about Once Upon A Child for forever now and how I absolutely love going there and being lucky with finding cute things for Mason. And as you all know, Goody's is my favorite post-pregnancy store now that the Ashley Judd collection is for some reason the only clothes that my new body can fit into. I LOVE her stuff and it fits my new "shapely" body just great. Hmm... But, of course it's my luck that they're going out of business. I wonder what will happen to the Ashley Judd collection?...

Okay, back to the post... We were starving after all that shopping so we looked up in the little shopping center area and found this little random Mexican restaurant called "Panchos." We were worn out after dragging the babies all around so when we went in and sat down with our yummy chips & salsa and Mello Yellos, it was the most relaxing! That is one of my new fave Mexican places! Y'all have to check it out!

We ended our little adventures together treating ourselves to Starbuck's and relaxing at home in our p.j's while my mom cooked us a huge yummy spaghetti meal (my dad's recipe, my favorite!) Mason also presented a special gift to Audrey that he has had forever to give her... a sweet little Valentine's t-shirt that we got in the dollar aisle at Target! I got him one, too, so we perched the babies up in their new little t-shirts and did a photoshoot of them in their Bumbos. We realized that the t-shirts were a little too little so they both had this cute pudgey tummies hanging out! Even Mason was chunky for once in his life! :)

Mason's Poppa Jack came over to see the girls off Friday morning and then he went with Mason and me to Mason's dr. appointment. My dad just had to come see Baby Audrey and Danyelle! He loves them. :) I love it how my parents are always as close to my friends as I am!

We miss our Danyella Apriela (long story about this random name Danyelle and I have given ourselves over the years) and Audrey already! Please come back soon! We love you!


Blessed said...

Sounds like fun!! I want to try the sweet tea diner.

And, girl. Panchos is one of our faves. Courtney and Chad go all the time! You might see them there!

Angela said...

Mason looks so big next to little Luke! And especially in Luke's chair... I think he needs one of those!

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