Sunday, February 15, 2009

Mason Thomas Celebrates NINE Whole Months!!

Well, my sweet baby turned 9 months old on Wednesday, Feb. 11th. I can't believe it! Marc and I were talking today and it seems like just this weekend he seems soooo much bigger and older than he was just a few days ago. He just has this new "mature" look to him and that personality shines more and more each and every day. Look out world, here comes Mason Thomas! :) We had his 9-month appt. on Friday and praise God for our healthy boy! He is right where he should be with everything! He is still lean and long like always, but Dr. Hain says that's just him; he has my frame and Marc's height. Are y'all ready for this??!??!?!

Mason weighs FOURTEEN POUNDS, SEVEN OUNCES!!!! He has just barely doubled his birth weight!!! He weighed 13 lbs, 13 oz. at 7 months, so I thought for sure he would at least be 16 pounds by now. He is eating so much and looks bigger, but I guess with how active he is and genetics, he just isn't packing on the weight. I was just really surprised. I had been wondering lately why he can still wear so many of the outfits that he wore last summer. :) All we care about though is that he is strong and healthy! He is in the 3% percentile for weight and 75% for height; 27 3/4 inches.

My dad went with us for the appointment. That's our little tradition by now! Mason loves it. And everyone in the waiting room is always trying to figure out our situation!! It's pretty funny. All the nurses know my dad by now. I'm just so thankful that Mason's grandfather can always do this with us! These memories will always be so special. :)

We had the best Valentine's Day on Saturday!! Marc got up early and went to a breakfast thang for Lipscomb Alum who went to medical or dental school. Mason and I slept in a little and then got up and he helped me clean our room and wrap Daddy's V-day present. :) When Marc got home, we loaded up and drove to Clarksville to meet Marc's parents for lunch at Rafferty's. That is the halfway point for us since they live in Madisonville, KY. Mason loved spending time with his Grandy C and Paw T. He just always laughs and his face brightens up when he's with them. We then walked the mall a little bit. Well, Connie and Terry sat on a bench and held Mason and people watched while Marc and I walked around a little. Our big purchase on our "date" was some sour worms, red hots, and chewy Sprees from Mr. Bulky candy store! Thank you. It was the most fun though! We drove back to Nashville and were the most exhausted so we took a little nap before having our own little family Valentine celebration. We also had the fullest tummies from our yummy Rafferty salads! After our nap, I got hard at work cooking a big meal for us. We just decided to do something a little different this year and stay home and have a relaxing evening. I'm so glad we did! Marc and I had the first "candlelight" dinner that we had had in a long time! I tried to make it a little romantic. As you can see in the pics below, I didn't try too hard, but at least we sat at the dining room table instead of in front of the t.v.! Mason was sooo good and in the best mood. He played in his Exersaucer while I was cooking and Marc was cleaning the kitchen (I know, I have a wonderful husband!! :) ). While Marc and I were having our little dinner, we perched Mason up on his big play area thang his Daddy put together in front of a Praise Baby DVD. He was in heaven! He just sat and watched and played with his toys very quietly and was a good boy. His daddy then rocked him some and he fell right asleep after his big day! After we put Mason to bed, Marc surprised me with the most beautiful card ever that said the sweetest thangs and made me the happiest!! I felt like we were dating all over again! :) I love getting cards from him cuz they remind me of when we were in college and lived in all these different states and continents and would write each other mushy letters all the time. Hee hee!

In the waiting room at Maryland Farms Pediatrics... anxiously awaiting to find out Mason's weight! It's always a fun discussion in our family! :)

Oh, Mason LOVES his Poppa Jack!

Mason never wants to just lay down and relax on the scale, so they just let him sit up. Usually he's doing tummy crunches and has the whole place cracking up!

We are so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving doctor!!

the typical Dr. Hain face! :) I guess she was just blown away by how advanced Mason is!! hee hee!

Calling Nana Kay to tell her his wonderful report from the doctor!

Aww, sleepy boy!
I love this one showing off his long body
No shots this time, but they did stick his big toe to check his hemoglobin level... his iron is just fine!
Friday Family Night at home! He discovered that he's strong enough to pull over his bucket to take a peek inside!
Hmm... what's in here? Looks pretty interesting!
Sleepy on the way to Clarksville on Saturday to meet up with Marc's parents
Lovin' our yummy Rafferty's lunch outing!

Wait, who is this kid??

Our very romantic Valentine's Dinner... at the April's Country Cookin' Diner!
Poppyseed Chicken Casserole
Misty George's Yummy Delicious Green Beans
Homestyle Cream Corn
and of course we only drink the best...
Diet Caffeine Free Mountain Dew & Diet Sunkist!
Mason having a good ole time watching his special movie while Mommy & Daddy enjoyed their meal
Praise Baby is the BEST! Oh by the way, we have learned that once you have children, this is what your living room turns in to!! I couldn't imagine it any other way. :)
I'm so blessed by the wonderful weekend I had celebrating my 10th Valentine's Day with Marc Aaron Moore and the 9-month birthday of our beautiful son!

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Blessed said...

Sounds like you've had a fun few days! I can't believe Mason is 9 months old! He is so cute! I love the one of him on the scale and the one of him sleeping in the car!!! So precious!

I grew up going to Raffertys! It started in BG, you know? I love it! We could meet for salads there soon!

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