Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sip 'N See for Carrie & Baby Presley

On Saturday, August 7th, I hosted a Sip 'N See at my house for the sweetest baby girl ever! Since Carrie is from Bowling Green, we wanted to have her a shower here to where she could bring Presley and show her off to all of her childhood friends, as well as Nashville friends. Presley is 4 months old, but we waited until now to do this to give Seth, Carrie, and the kids some time to move to Louisville and get settled in. They moved from Memphis in order for Seth to start dental school at U of L. We're soooo excited for this chapter of their lives! We're also happy to have them just 2 hours from us and living in one of Marc's and my most favorite cities ever!

Thank you so much to all of these wonderful girls who helped host: Andrea B., Brooke A., Valerie J., Sarah O., Danielle H., and Melissa M. With the pregnancy sickness and lack of energy I have had for the past couple of months, there is NO way I could have pulled this shower off without all of their help! And, my wonderful momma came up the weekend before to help me deep-clean the house. Thank goodness for that cuz noone would have wanted to step foot into this house with the way it had been lookin'! Ha! :) We had a great turnout and it was so neat to see my house full of these amazing women who love Carrie and her family so much. Presley was just so calm and easy-going through it all and didn't seem to mind all the attention at all. Everyone was just in awe of this precious, beautiful little child!

Carrie, Presley, Annette, and Baby Ransom
Jaquatta & Carrie
(Carrie & Johnathan grew up together in BG; Jaquatta is his momma! Love her!)
Carrie and her beautiful mommy, Vivian... my mom away from home! Jennifer & Carrie... they went to high school together and now Jennifer lives down the street from us. Crazy how things turn out! Carrie, Danielle, & Presley... childhood friend of Carrie's
Thank you SOOO much, Danielle & your mom, for all your hard work in cleaning up after the shower!
Melissa, Valerie, Carrie, & Sarah... Carrie has been telling me about these girls for years and I'm so thankful to have them as some of my wonderful new friends!

Mrs. Herndon & Ms. Hargis... our good friends', Beth & Jana's moms... Carrie & Marc went to college with these girls, and their moms have been here with us through our most special times!
Yummy cupcakes Sarah brought and I ordered these super cute toppers from!

Diaper cake made by this amazing diaper cake girl... Ha! :)
Sweet Presley's birth announcement

Brooke & me... we have loved being pregnant together! Brooke was 29 wks & I was 12 wks.

Carrie seeing the canvas painting for the first time... Andrea ordered this from Leigh Ann at Georgie Girl Design (see my blog list). It is SO, SO cute!!
Gift time! Soft swaddling blankets from my mom.
I ordered this sweet little smocked cowgirl bubble for Presley back when Carrie was pregnant. Mason has a matching boy's version of it and I LOVE it!!
Carrie's sis-in-law, Meredith, surprised Carrie and painted these canvases to match the nursery. I mean, can we say talented?!?!! I am just blown away by them! And I ordered the banner to match from Etsy.
Brooke made these yummy P-shaped sugar cookies as the shower favors. I kept about 5 of them and ate them all by the next day! Give me some more! :)
All the partyin' was over and I FINALLY had my Presley time!
Look at how sweet she is!!
The boys hung out with Seth & Colt at Carrie's parents' house and waited til all the crazy women were out of our house to come back. Ha! We went and ate us some yummy Cracker Barrel before Andrea got back on the road for Nashville.

Carrie, hope this day was extra special for you! We were so thankful to be able to do this for you. We are all so blessed to have these amazing people who love and support us as we bring these sweet babies into the world. Love you!

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Blessed said... are so sweet. It was the MOST SPECIAL day EVER! I loved every detail and enjoyed seeing so many special friends all in the same room. I wish we could do it again it was so fun! Love you!!!

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