Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Back to School!

It's that time! Mason has been so ready for a while now to get back in his groove at big boy school! Along with Big Red School, we're also putting him in the Parents' Day Out program at our church once a week. It started August 17th, but it seems like he's already been there for months! It is completely different from BRS, and I love different things about both programs. He absolutely loves being at our church and all of his friends there, so when he ran into his class on the first day and saw that he knew just about every single child in there, he was soooo excited! They all reunited like they were in high school or something and hadn't seen each other all summer. It was the cutest. And our across-the-street neighbor & good friend is one of his teachers, so he's used to being around her. Mason is in the best mood when I drop him off and when I go to get him, he is happily playing with all his friends and doesn't want to leave. I love how his backpack is filled with all his different "lessons" and craft projects each week. They are learning about colors and different shapes right now. Ever since the first day of PDO, Mason has been obsessed with the color yellow and with circles. In fact, he just picked up a piece of his sidewalk chalk and drew the biggest circle right on our garage floor! We were so impressed.

Oh, and I love this program because it's an hour longer than BRS, so I get lots of "me" time on the day he is at PDO! I usually stay out and run errands that whole time that I would no way get done if I had Mason with me. He is getting heavier each week, and the doctor told me I can no longer pick him up during this pregnancy, so it's challenging to get him in and out of the car and take him into different places. And yesterday, I even had lunch at Taco Bell ALL BY MYSELF! It was actually very wonderful! By time I get back to church to pick Mason up, we are both completely exhausted and come home to take the greatest naps in the world! Oh, how I love PDO day!!

On the way in on his first day, Mason had to stop and pilfer in his backpack...

Oh wait, he was trying to get to his juice box! And as you see, he managed to pour it all over the ground and all down the front of himself! An interesting start to the first day of school!
The moment we wanted in, Mason found a cool toy to play with!
Mason & one of his BFF's, Brayden, pulling all the toys off the nice, organized toy shelf
I tried my best to get a cute Mason & mommy picture, but he wanted no part of it!

Juice box #2... class still hadn't started yet

2nd day of school!
Hmm... what do I think about this??
Oh, I love big boy school, Mommy! Thanks so much for bringing me here every week! It is so much fun and I am learning so many new things!

Check out this post to see pictures from Mason's "Spring Semester 2010" at Big Red School! Can't wait to start back in a couple of weeks!

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