Thursday, September 9, 2010

Andrea & Luke Visit BG!

Mason and I always love it when Andrea and Lukie come and visit! They have come several times since we have moved to Bowling Green and we get into the randomest adventures every time. This time we spent our Friday night at.... the mall! Just like our high school days! :) But this time we had 2 VERY CHALLENGING little boys with us! We ate some yummy Sbarro and bought the boys some matching outfits at Crazy 8 and Gymboree to wear on our upcoming beach trip. Mason and Luke were not in the mood for shopping this night, but it's okay cuz they're gonna look STINKIN' CUTE at the beach and we will forget about the fact that we were pretty much chased out of Gymboree! Thank you. We had these big 'ole strollers in this tiny, tiny space and all these people staring at us like we were in their way. It was the most annoying. Leave us alone, we're just 2 mommies of toddlers in some desperate need of shopping! Oh, I also made some very-much needed purchases in Motherhood Maternity where both Mason and Luke watched me try on bras... thank you. I will definitely be reminding them of that moment when they're 18! Ha! When we got home we had a very fun night of getting the boys ready for bed and then staying up until the wee hours of the morning just talking & catching up and stalking people on Facebook. Another similarity to our growing-up days, except there was no Internet then. Just us calling boys all night hanging up on then and writing down all the boys' names who we had seen at the mall that night and hid from.

The next morning we got up and ate at Fazoli's (where Mason ate BOTH his and Luke's spaghetti) then hit up a little consignment store where we made some more fun little purchases. Then back home to see Andrea & Luke off on their drive back to Nashville.

Mason & Luke's Nighttime Routine

Step 1: Puttin' on pj's then chill in Mason's room for a while (tryin' to wind them down to get ride of some of that energy!)
Step 2: Move the party to the living room for a while where the colors aren't so bright so maybe, just maybe, there's a chance they'll calm down??
Step 3: Brush teeth

Still brushin' teeth 10 minutes later...

Rinsing for the 20th time...

Step 4: Put Luke in the pack 'n play where Mason has to join him for a little bit... within seconds a jumping contest begins...
The boys FINALLY settled down and went to sleep so mommies could stay up talking til 2 am!!

Breakfast time the next morning...

And of course.... photoshoot time!! "Yay!," said Luke!!

Mason comparing the feel of their heads

Hey dude, let's get up and get outta here!

We always love it when our BFF's come and stay a while! Please come back soon! Miss you already!

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Blessed said...

Fun! I wanna come to your next spend the night "kiddos" party. :) I didn't know BG had a Crazy 8 store? We have one here and Sarah O was the one who told me about it because she loved to come to ours. I wonder if she knows.

I love all of the pictures. :)

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