Monday, August 30, 2010

Meeting Baby Presley Rae

One of my best friends, Carrie, became the momma to a sweet baby girl, Presley Rae, on April 14th. She weighed 9 lbs, 10 oz and was 20 3/4 inches long. She has a head full of dark, beautiful hair that we cannot get enough of! Presley's big brother, Colt, is one of Mason's best buddies and has proudly been showing off his new baby sister. I think she looks just like Colt! I was trying sooo hard to get down to Memphis the week Presley was born to help Carrie pack up their house and get ready for their move to Louisville and to be there for the birth, but it just didn't work out. But, Marc and I were so excited to get to meet her on May 16th when Presley and her little family came up to BG and Louisville for the weekend. Mason could not take his eyes off of this sweet little person! She was just so sweet and fell asleep in my arms as I bounced with her. She didn't make a peep! Here are some pics of the sweet little angel:

Mason meeting Baby Presley for the first time... he was mesmerized! I loved seeing how he was looking at her.
Actin' bashful
Presley is definitely a cuddler! I loved her.
And she actually loved me back, I think! :) She just laid there and looked at me and let me give her her bottle and then let me stand up and bounce with her. She's such a laid-back baby like my Mason was.
Can't you tell that I was dying for one of these?!?!
The same profile as Colt!
Mason waiting patiently for his turn to visit with Baby Presley
Mason & Colt trying to figure out what they were about to get in to

Thank you, God, for these sweet, perfect babies!
I couldn't resist another hair shot!
One proud GrandBob!
I just love this picture! You could just see the joy radiating from Carrie's dad!
Bye, bye, sweet baby girl! Come back and see us again soon!

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Blessed said...

Awww....she loves her Auntie April so much!! Come see us soon! :)

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