Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mason is getting his very first COUSIN!!!!

We are soooo excited and ready to meet Baby Wilson Marie!!! My brother & sister-in-law, Christy, are due July 16th. We were sooo giddy when we found out she was a girl a few months ago. My parents will be over the moon with a little grandson AND granddaughter to love! I'm sure Mason will be very confused and a little jealous to see this other little child in the family, but he will have to move over a little and share the spotlight with Wilson! Ha! :)

Christy's best friends threw her a baby shower today down in Nashville, so Mason and I ventured down there for the big event. It was at the Hillwood Country Club and was really nice. My mom, Aunt Linzett, MaMaw, Aunt Karen, and cousin Stephanie were all there so Mason had the best time with the girls in his family. Christy looked gorgeous and had the biggest glow about her. She is going to the best little mom and I am dying to see my big brother as a daddy to a sweet little girl!

Beautiful cake made by one of the hostess' friends in Knoxville... it matched the sweet invitation
Favors made by Christy's best friend, Brooke. The little tag read "Princess Wilson." Loved them!
The diaper cake I made for Princess Wilson! :)
MaMaw, my mom, and cousin Steph hanging out eating some yummy food
My sweet boy all perched up in a big boy chair eating himself a cracker

Gettin' some love from Steph
How cute is Wilson's mommy!?!?!!?!
My parents got Christy & Jody a sweet Lullaby cd for Wilson that actually has her name in the songs! It also has a personalized label. Mason has this same exact cd and goes to sleep to it every single night! Well, except that it says "Mason" instead of "Wilson." HA!
The family girls ooohing & ahhing over Christy's gifts... Aunt Karen, my mom, Christy's mom, and MaMaw
Baby Wilson's proud grandmas
Christy loved the super soft embroidered blanket from my momma... My mom is so grateful to her daughter's best friend who was up at 6 am on her birthday embroidering this blanket! :)
A special moment between Christy and her baby girl's great-MaMaw
Okay, we were all in the most awe by this gift! One of Christy's friend's mom got her all different sizes of onesies, socks, and a blanket in this pink & white tye dye! The cutest idea ever!
Christy was the most excited about this handmade afghan from Aunt Karen... these are gifts we treasure always!
And of course more gifts from Auntie April :)... I man, who can resist buying sweet little girl clothes after 2 years of just buying little boy clothes??!?!
I got her a sweet handmade blue smocked dress & bonnet... All of her friends told her she has to put it on Baby Wilson to go home from the hospital in!
Appliqued onesie & matching ruffled bloomers made by..... guess who!?!?!?! I am having the most fun making things for my little niece!!!
Mason & his Nana Kay taking a little stroll on the patio

Okay, so I may be a little biased... But is this not the most beautiful little face ever???
Mason was enthralled by the rain and kept pointing out all the puddles. He was dying to get out in the grass and play in it! Maybe when he's not in one of his "girly" outfits, as his Daddy would call it.

Mason hangin' out with his Great-Aunt Linny
Mason checking out Baby Wilson's gifts... and tryin to open them!

Mason, me, MaMaw, Christy's mom Patsy, & Christy all admiring her new "Bob" stroller
I love this pic of MaMaw, Mason & me! We are so blessed to have such a wonderful grandmother!
Makin' sure the "Bob" worked right! Ha!
Christy's friends trying to figure out how in the world this thang worked!
We are so happy for y'all, Jody & Christy!
God has blessed you so much!

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