Saturday, April 10, 2010

Zoo Time!

Today we headed up I-65 to the Louisville Zoo with our friends, the Burtons'. It is Spring Break week for lots of schools, so we were at the zoo along with about a million other people. Ha! We still had a lot of fun and of course Marc and I were happy to be back on our old stompin' grounds. We took the Burtons' to a fun touristy Louisville restaurant after the Zoo... Lynn's Paradise Cafe; Home of Oprah's favorite macaroni & cheese! Thank you. I don't really love that mac & cheese though. Oh well. Mason loved looking at all the animals at the zoo with his little girlfriend, Gracie. She is his "girl" in Bowling Green... he also has several girls in Louisville & Nashville. We gotta keep a close eye on him! :) We were thinking about getting a zoo membership so we didn't have to wait in the super long line, but decided against it since we're really not zoo people. I mean, if there were a zoo in BG we would probably do it just for Mason and I do get out & about during the day, but we're not gonna drive to Louisville or Nashville all the time to where we would really get our money's worth. Now, if we lived in Memphis it would be a different story cuz that zoo is like a Disney theme park or something! It was awesome! So it kinda wasn't fair to the Louisville Zoo for Mason and me to visit it after the Memphis Zoo cuz it didn't stand a chance. Ha! It's still a great zoo though with lots of fun things to do and look at. Eating an ice cream cone while looking at the tiger was probably my favorite part of the day. And seeing how excited Mason got about the giraffes. I mean, those things were huge!!! I never really realized that before.

I told Scott I was gonna limit myself to taking 10 pictures on this day cuz he always jokes with me about how I'm a picture-takin' fool... I was kinda close to my limit. I think I just took 32! And if y'all know me, that's nothin'! :)

Mason looking for the peacock
Found it! I was really mesmerized!
Mason stuck close to Ally's side the whole time!
Mason & Da Da checkin' out the giraffes... It was amazing when it got closer to you how long that neck was!!
Mason wasn't too sure about the elephants
Mason & Da Da chasing poor goats through the petting zoo
Love this one... they're just taking a little walk!
The boys... Scott, Trajan, Marc, & Mason hangin' out with their new goat friend
Lots of onlookers! Including Marc, Mason, Caroline & Ally
Sweet little Mason waiting patiently for the meerkat to make his appearance!
He was kinda scary lookin' though
Gracie & Mason wanted to see how big they were compared to the gorilla!

Our favorite animal of the day! Look at how close we were!

Off to Lynn's for some yummy lunch and to see some interesting decor!

The Burtons'... Love them!

Our big group... and then some bachelorette party came and perched themselves right next to us and started playing the most interesting games! And the bride all had some veil perched up on her head and they were making the biggest scene. I was dyin' to get in on their little party though! Looked the most fun.

Bein' silly in the gift shop
Trajan & Caroline checkin' out all the yard decor... thank you.
Mason was all up on that "mooooo"

Sweet & sassy Ally

What a fun day spent with some great friends in some beautiful weather! Looking forward to lots more random little road trips this summer!

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Blessed said...

Fun!! I know, the Memphis Zoo is voted #1 in the country, so it's not really fair to compare the other zoos. Glad you got to visit it before we move. I have got to try that funky restaurant. Will you guys come visit and go with us? :)

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