Sunday, April 4, 2010

It's a Wonderful Easter Sunday!

Another busy weekend in the Moore household! We are so blessed to have a family that loves us so much and that we always get to spend so much time together during the holidays. Mason's grandparents were here Friday & Saturday and we had lots of fun! Today is Easter Sunday. We have had some wonderful family time; just the 3 of us and it is so nice & relaxing! We went to church, lunch at O'Charley's, took a much needed family nap, played outside while Mason discovered his fun basket of goodies left by the Easter bunny, and have spent the evening with some wonderful friends from church having a devo, eatin' pizza, jumping on the trampoline, playing Rock Band, and talking about our fun weekends. I have been so thankful for every second of our wonderful weekend!

More important than any of this is the fact that Easter is a very special time to celebrate Our Risen King! I wish I could find a better way of explaining it all to Mason, but I do know that he recognizes Jesus' name since we talk to him about Jesus every single day. He knows how much Jesus loves him from the songs we sing, prayers we pray, and hopefully through the love his family shows him each and every day. He says "Ahhhhh man!!" as we are ending every prayer and it is the sweetest thing I have ever heard. Mason fell asleep in my arms tonight as I was reading him some stories from the Bible. He was listening so intently, taking it all in. I explained to him how Jesus died on the cross and went to Heaven to be with God, so that He could look down on us all the time and take good care of us. I also told him that one day we would be in Heaven. So yes, we did have a super fun Easter season of hunting & decorating eggs, getting all dressed up for church in sweet outfits, and getting lots of fun Easter goodies from the grandparents, but what I am the most thankful for is the fact that God has led me to a wonderful Christian man and given us this beautiful child. Together, we are showing our son how much Jesus loves him and pray that he allows God to take control and guide him through life. I pray that someday he understands how Jesus gave His life for us and loves us more than we could ever imagine.

Mason in his sweet Sunday School class... find his matching sweater vest buddy! Marc definitely approved of the selected outfit for today. :)

Mason next to his buddy, Luke... they're only a few weeks apart and I love watching them play together!

Mason & daddy waiting for the church service to begin... He sat sooo good in church and was so proud as we listened to his daddy do the Communion talk!
Marc and one of his best friends, Scott, with their 2 beautiful babies... I know I talk about Gracie all the time, but we really think she's going to be our daughter-in-law one day! HA! :)
We are so blessed to have become so close to the Burtons' & the Givens' since moving to BG! We met them like the first week we moved here and have been inseparable ever since! Together we have 8 children, so that makes for some very interesting adventures! :)
Mason and one of his best buds, Brayden. "Bray-Bray" is a year older than Mason, so of course Mason thinks he hung the moon! They follow each other around and have the longest conversations about who knows what!
Yes, they love each other very much. So much that their daddies are getting a little worried about their affection for one another. Hmm...

Mason was in the silliest little mood after church! I just love him so much.
He had to take a jog through the church parking lot before going to lunch
Then a stroll with daddy

Some pictures at home before afternoon naptime!
The start of a temper tantrum...
It only lasted 5 seconds, don't worry!
I think he looked cuter today than he has ever looked almost!! I just loved him in his little preppy alternative sweater vest outfit! Usually he wears a smocked outfit and black & white saddle oxfords every Sunday and is a big boy throughout the week, but today we mixed it up a bit to throw everyone off. Ha! He just looked too handsome for words.
He spotted his little friends across the street having the most fun...
And immediately took off running to go in the middle of the action!
In the Ballards' yard... they go to church with us and we love them! So thankful to have great friends living directly across the street!

Mason was just holding on to the football the whole time in awe of watching Gavin & Logan play with all their big boy toys... He was actually about to get run over by a John Deere tractor.

After naptime came EASTER BASKET time!!! Yipppeee!!!
Da-Da, please help me dig through all my goodies!
Went straight for the Smarties that had fallen to the bottom

Oh, cool! Play dough!!! What is it?!?!?
Still a' diggin'... The Easter bunny left some coloring books & crayons, Bible trivia cards, play dough, Smarties, pixie sticks, candy sticks, a whole bag of Dum Dums, a cute little bright green shirt & plaid shorts set, a beach hat, and a big ole' book about numbers!
Eatin' some candy sticks while playing some trivia with Da Da

And finally... some sweet time with Momma! Wait, is she only good for opening up a bag of Dum Dums?!?!
Chillin' on the patio with Momma while eatin' some Dum Dums... Ahh.... perfect!


Valerie said...

Great post! Glad we got to spend time with y'all at the Givens' house last night. I'm so happy that you and Marc have found such great friendships here in BG!! GWP is so blessed to have the Moore family!!

Jen said...

Hey! We're going to be your neighbors soon! We bought a house on the street you live on. I know you might not be staying there long, but maybe we'll be neighbors for a little bit. :)

Melissa said...

Mason looked so cute!! Remember our conversation about us not being able to go to the park with you guys because we were going to play with the twins and their little brother. Their brother is in the 2nd pic with the paci in his mouth. Can't wait for the summer so we can all get together and spend lots of days at the park!! Oh, and we still need to get together for lunch one day!

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