Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Fun with the Grandparents

Today we were blessed to spend the entire day with my parents & Marc's parents just hanging out here at our house. We had the busiest day! Marc grilled out while I put together some yummy Southern casserole side dishes and we ate some yummy Red Velvet cake that Connie decorated so cute with Easter bunnies and everything! We had Mason his very own Easter egg hunt in our backyard that was definitely a family affair. It took all 6 of us grown-ups to help him find those eggs! He also got to open his Easter "baskets" from his grandparents and play with all his new toys. My dad fixed his famous Spaghetti dinner for us and my parents help Mason dye his very first eggs before it was time for night-night. My poor baby was exhausted by the end of the day! He didn't get to go to bed til almost 10 o'clock! But it was a special day of being spoiled rotten by the grandparents, so it's okay every now and then. :) My parents didn't leave BG to drive back to Nashville til 10:30, so my side of the family is a bunch of night owls. Marc's family is the COMPLETE opposite! So glad Mason got my genes on that one, cuz we love sleeping in after Daddy goes to work. Hee hee!

Of course we got LOTS of sweet pictures. I just love pictures of Mason and his grandparents and know he will treasure them forever. I just love looking at pictures of my MaMaws and me from when I was little. They're so special to me, as I know these pictures will be to Mason.

I mean seriously... does one little boy really need all of these gifts!?!? He is spoiled rotten!! He had the most fun sorting through everything and playing with each thing for 5 minutes and then moving on. His new favorite thing is candy, so that was probably the best part of all... and his new lawn mower!

Modeling his new cute little froggy outfit from Grandy C
Marc & I even got some goodies! We weren't expecting that at all. My mom completely surprised me and got me a new sewing box full of supplies! Including some patterns that I can't wait to try out!
Connie & her homemade cake

Let the egg hunt begin!!

Getting some help from Poppa Jack & Paw T

So this is why the egg hunt took an hour... He would get his basket completely full and then would dump the eggs all out over his head. After a while it kinda old for the grown-ups who had to keep helping him pick them all up!

It was the biggest family affair!!

Help from Nana Kay & Grandy C... Aren't they the cutest grandmothers ever?!?!

Marc was giving me grief for hiding some eggs in the flowerpots to trick an almost-2 year old. Thank you.

LOVE these pictures of Mason with his grandparents!!!

Marc & me with our sweet boy

Hangin' out in Da Da's truck for a little bit while saying bye to Grandy & Paw

Okay, I could not get this picture straight for the life of me, but I had to post it cuz it CRACKS me up!! We were standing there bidding farewell to Marc's parents and it looks like the most serious situation in this picture!! Like they were moving far away and we would not see them for a long, long time! Ha!
Back inside for some more fun... Time to DYE EGGS!! Yippee!!!
Marc getting all involved by reading some directions
This was all Poppa Jack's idea! He knew Mason had never dyed eggs before, so he went and bought all the supplies and took charge!

Mason is really concentrating on getting the stickers off the sheet!

Okay, Mason, the last egg for the night! Off to bed! You've had a loooooong day full of Easter activities with your 6 biggest adoring fans!!! :)

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Blessed said...

Cute pictures! How do you put so many on here without it taking forever? I want to do some posts so badly, but I can't get the motivation since it takes so long?

Anyways, I love your recap of Easter and yes, you are blessed to have both sets of grandparents loving on him all at once!

I love Connie's cake. Very impressive.

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