Saturday, April 3, 2010

All Up In Mason's Grill

SERIOUSLY!?!?!! How cute is this sight?!?!?!
So, I got this little grill set for Mason at a consignment sale a few weeks ago because I knew we were gearing up to do LOTS of grilling with all this pretty weather a' comin'. And I knew he would feel so important standing next to his daddy grilling! We tried it out today since our parents are all here celebrating Easter and we had our first cookout of the season. We were thoroughly entertained for 30 minutes straight watching Chef Mason in action!
Look at that SERIOUS face on that chef!!!! While Paw T relaxes in the background ...
Oh, thank you! Sharin' some of his hamburger patties with Da Da
Lovin' Mason's mini spatula!!! He's flippin' some serious burgers with Da Da!
Checkin' his work one last time before shutting the lid and
letting it all simmer a while!
Okay, for some reason I can't get the pics off my Mom's camera to show up vertically on here, but I still had to post this one! It CRACKS me up! Check out how Mason has all his little foods organized so perfectly on the grill.... even including his little spatula! Think you. I bet it would fry up very nicely! AND, he is all standing back with his little hands folded waiting so patiently for the food to cook! In his little apron, of course.

Check back again soon for Chef Mason's Special of the Day! Ha ha!

1 comment:

Blessed said...

CUTE PICS! I love the grill too. Mason looks so big. :( He's growing too fast!

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