Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Papa Jack & Paw T are 60!!!!

My dad & Marc's dad are just 12 days apart! Each of our moms had them a surprise birthday this past weekend, so we were really busy celebrating Mason's Papa & Paw's bdays back-to-back!
My dad's actual birthday was May 6, but we didn't get to celebrate until Saturday, May 15th because Mason's birthday party was the same weekend as my dad's birthday. We wanted him to have his own special little celebration. My mom put together him a party at Five Guys restaurant in Brentwood and he was completely surprised! He thought that he, my mom, MaMaw Myers, and Mason were going out to eat while Marc and I were going out with friends. Little did he know that those "friends" were really some of his close friends & family and we would all be at the restaurant waiting for him! We sat out on the patio and enjoyed the beautiful weather and caught up with people we haven't seen in a while. Mason was a little overwhelmed by it at all though, and so confused when they got there and his Momma & DaDa were there waiting for him. He warmed up though when he saw that his best friend, Luke was one of the party guests! What a wonderful night celebrating my dad!!!

Us party guests had a perfect view of the birthday boy walking in! Hee hee!

Mason was so overwhelmed when they walked up and everyone yelled "Surprise!!"

This new biting thing that Mason does... No idea where that one came from!

Aunt Linny & Uncle Steve (my dad's sis & her hubby)

Frank Bostick (my parents' longtime friend from college), my mom, & Andrea

The birthday boy with his momma... Love you, MaMaw!

Marc & Cory watching their sweet boys playin'

Andy & me

Luke with a little mischievious look on that face gettin' into the dirt... his new favorite thing!

May May gettin' some ideas

Luke had just put dirt on his head and Mason was being a good best friend and cleaning it off... Thank you.

Luke looking might spiffy in my Dad's glasses... hilarious!!

Frank, my dad, and Gary & Vickie Dowd... we have gone to church with the Dowds for forever now and their son, Keith, is my brother's BFF

Jennifer & Mason (she has worked with my dad at the Music City Mission... married to Bob, the pastor of Radnor Church of the Naz)

Marc, Mason & me with my parents & MaMaw
Happy Birthday, Papa Jack! We love you!!

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