Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!

What a wonderful day Marc and I spent with our Mother's Day baby! Mother's Day will NEVER be the same again for this family because we will all remember that loooooong Sunday everyone spent in the waiting rooms on the Labor & Delivery floor of Vanderbilt Hospital waiting for Mason Thomas to be born! Water broke at 5:15 am, took shower at 5:30 am, water broke again at 6:30 am, returned the movie "Juno" to the Walmart Neighborhood Market Red box at 7am, got to the hospital by 7:30 am, epidural at 8:30 am, dilated to 10 cm at 1:45 pm, pushed from 2 to 5 pm, taken to surgery at 5:30 pm, Mason entered this world at 6:23 pm, DaDa held Mason at 6:30 pm, Momma held Mason at 8:30 pm, grandparents held Mason at 8:45 pm, best friends held Mason at 8:55 pm, etc. Woosh, just typing all of that makes me tired!

See pictures from that day here:

Needless to say, this Mother's Day we just got to relax and hold our baby boy without having to go through all of that! Ha! We went to church, ate at Montana Grill for lunch with our friends, Josh & Sarah Owens, and their little girls Lydia & Riley Jane, came home and took a BIG family nap, played outside with Mason and took wagon ride around the neighborhood, and watched "The Blind Side." I spent just a few extra minutes putting my baby boy to sleep on this special day. That Mother's Day 2008 completely bonded us for life. :) I read him the book, "I Love You Through & Through" while he held on tight to his teddy bear and to me. I sang him several songs about how much Jesus loves him while rocking him in his nursery glider. I prayed the same prayer over him I have prayed since that first night we brought him home from the hospital. And then of course I turned on the Beach Boys Greatest Hits cd that just so happens to still be in the cd player from his birthday party, and he fell right asleep.

On top of all this, we called our own wonderful mommies to wish them a Happy Mother's Day. I don't know what I would do without my mom. She is always there for every single thing we go through. During my first miscarriage she helped carry me out of that Longhorn bathroom, during the 2nd one she got down on her knees and prayed for me when noone else even knew we were pregnant, during every single trial I have ever gone through she had dropped everything to be there. My brother and I are her life. Just as I know my own children will be mine. And I know Marc feels the same way about his mom, Connie. We are so thankful to have these wonderful ladies in our lives and for the way they love their grandbaby more than life itself. When the nurses first rolled Mason down the hallway right after he was born, the 2 grandmas looked at his sweet little face and balled their eyes out (from what I hear!). I just have never seen any grandmommas who love a child like Nana Kay & Grandy C love Mason Thomas. I love you more than words can say, Mom & Connie!

I am so blessed to be a wife to Marc and Momma to Mason. We are such a blessed family and I know God has so many more blessings to pour on us! I'm thankful for this day called Mother's Day to make me stop and realize how wonderful our God is that he has given us amazing women as mothers and that He has trusted ME to be a mommy to one of His precious children!

I just can't even explain how humbled I am to see a picture as sweet as this. Some days I don't feel worthy of being a mommy. From the journey Marc & I have been on to become parents, I'm just in disbelief that I was even able to get pregnant with & carry to term a child as beautiful and perfect as this little boy. Thank you, God, for Mason Thomas!

Dear my sweet Mason,

Momma loves you so much and thanks Jesus for your life every single day! Even when you have to go to time out or Momma fusses at you for throwing your empty Graduates cup on the ground, know that I still love you to pieces! You are truly a miracle in not only my life & Dada's life, but also in Nana Kay's, Papa Jack's, Grandy C's, and Paw T's! We all are so in love with you and you bring so much more joy in our lives than we could have ever imagined! You have the most outgoing, spunky little personality and never meet a stranger. You make life soooooo much easier for Momma & Dada because you have always loved to sleep & eat! You go with the flow and never complain when we make you go places with us. You love your carseat and the many road trips down to Nashville to see our friends & family. You love to sing along with your favorite show, "Yo Gabba Gabba" and sound out letters with Dada when doing at night. You are so smart! You loving going to the Big Red School every Tuesday and have made some wonderful new friends. You love Sunday School, in fact, Sunday is your favorite day of the week! You always wake up in the happiest mood and prance down those hallways at church like you've been there all your life! When we moved to Bowling Green when you were 15 months old, you immediately adjusted to your new house and friends and never complained once!

Momma could go on and on about how precious, good, and wonderful of a little boy you are! Dada and I look forward to lots and lots of fun years with you and seeing how you will grow and change! We love you so much and are so proud to say you are OURS!

Hugs & kisses,


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